Daily Archives: 12/03/2018

InWin Officially Intros Z-Tower Signature Series Chassis

In Win officially launches the Z-Tower Signature Edition PC Chassis featuring a unique open-chassis design of pure architectural art constructed with 5cm thick aluminium alloy. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Sapphire Outs GearBox Thunderbolt 3 eGFX Solution

Sapphire presents the GearBox Thunderbolt 3 external graphics card solution to boost the performance of notebooks and mini-PCs by upgrading the GPU and other PCIe devices using the ultra-fast Thunderbolt 3 interface. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Turing Goes Titanic As NVIDIA Launches The $2499 TITAN RTX

Available later this month, TITAN RTX incorporates NVIDIA’s Turing architecture into the ultimate PC GPU. Source: Vortex Hardware News

HyperX Presents ChargePlay Charging Stations For Controllers

HyperX presents its newest addition to its gaming accessories lineup with ChargePlay Charging Stations for PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch controllers. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC – Legacy of the First Blade: Hunted Review

As the first part of the first batch of post-launch content for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Legacy of the First Blade: Hunted is a short, straightforward dose of just some of what makes Odyssey so good. Though it doesn’t do anything

Big Bash Boom Review

Bobble-headed players, flaming pitches and bowlers throwing actual pies: Big Bash Boom is certainly cricket like you’ve never seen it before. Yet although this NBA Jam-inspired take on Australia’s favourite summer sport is a personality-packed blast to play, its anaemic