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Borderlands 2 VR Review

When we dream of replaying our favorite traditional games in virtual reality, what are we really envisioning? In the case of Borderlands 2, the beloved looter-shooter from Gearbox, you might imagine looting and shooting with newfound immediacy, flinging yourself headlong

Gris Review

Gris is a visual masterpiece. It’s a living watercolour illustration that explores the complex themes of loss and grief through a visually arresting world and affecting orchestral score. At first glance, Gris looks to be a fitting bookend to a

Hades Early Access Review

What does it take to make a great run-based game? Tight combat, of course. A variety of mix-and-match abilities that interact in interesting ways, certainly. Procedurally generated levels are nice. Progression and other systems that help each new run stay

Artifact Review

Five years after Valve’s last major game, the legendary developer proves it still knows how to make amazing things. As a Dota 2-themed digital card game, Artifact may not be what people were expecting, but it does exactly what Valve

Katamari Damacy Reroll Review

I’d like to share a truth with you. And that truth is that even Time – that Great Devourer of early polygonal graphics, that beast which hath smote and sullied many a PSone and PS2 icon, that ravager of (gaming)

Ashen Review

Like a home away from home, Ashen feels both startlingly familiar and original. A44’s action-RPG wears its Dark Souls-inspired identity proudly, delivering nearly identical mechanics and progression systems along with a captivating open world and gorgeous art style. Those, combined

Destiny 2: Black Armory Review

With the Black Armory, Bungie has opted to dramatically shift its content delivery strategy for Destiny 2, and results are mixed. On the one hand, if you’ve hit the maximum level you’ll have new weapons to chase and a few

Thermaltake Outs Pacific R1 Plus DDR4 Memory Lighting Kit

Thermaltake Technology presents the Pacific R1 Plus DDR4 Memory Lighting Kit, an easy solution for non-RGB DIMMs to enable RGB lighting and synchronisation. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Earth Defense Force 5 Review

In real life, I don’t like creepy crawly things. I’m terrified of spiders, appalled by roaches, scared stupid of wasps, and refuse to touch any animal that might be deemed “slimy.” My wife kills all the bugs in our house.

ENERMAX Presents LIQTECH II Family of Liquid AIO CPU Coolers

ENERMAX presents the LIQTECH II family of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers for AMD and Intel sockets. Source: Vortex Hardware News