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Creator Of Shadow Of The Colossus Working On A New Game Of A Similar Scale

Fumito Ueda, the lauded director of games like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian, has confirmed that he is working on a new title of a similar scale to his previous games. In an interview with Japanese

Fortnite On Switch Removes Video Capture Function

It hasn’t been that long since Nintendo introduced the ability to record footage of your Switch games, limiting it to 30 second clips recorded by holding down the system’s capture button. Not all games support the feature, but Epic’s Fortnite

Extremely Angry Pirate Cervantes Revealed For Soulcalibur VI

Every single returning Soulcalibur VI character so far has leaked early and Cervantes is no exception. Bandai Namco has decided to stop holding the door closed despite everyone knowing Cervantes is behind it and has released a trailer for the

NBA 2K19 Review – Outworking And Outplaying The Competition

Over the last couple of decades, the NBA 2K series steadily emerged out of the niche sports game genre and solidified its place in mainstream pop culture. These days, pro players eagerly announce their ratings on social media, hip-hop icons

Netflix Witcher Showrunner Leaves Social Media Amid Racial Casting Backlash

The Witcher on Netflix is proceeding ahead pretty smoothly, with Netflix announcing the other that that Superman and Mission: Impossible Fallout star Henry Cavill will be taking on the role of Geralt. Now other casting-related news has resulted in a

Spider-Man's Quiet Moments Are Its Most Important

In 2009, Rocksteady’s Arkham series brought superhero video games to new heights by marrying the tragedy of Batman and his gallery of rogues to an addictive rhythm-based combat system as well as a world whose every inch was worth exploring. Asylum, as

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Can't Be Re-Released Without EA's Approval

A few days ago, it was announced that THQ Nordic has picked up the Kingdoms of Amalur property, a series produced by former pitcher Curt Schilling’s now-defunct 38 Studios. The studio only produced one game in the series, Kingdoms of

What Happened To Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's Campaign?

All month long we’re rolling out exclusive features highlighting Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Up until this point, we’ve focused on the Blackout battle royale mode that folks seem to be enjoying in beta right now. While Blackout is

Apple Has Announced A New Apple Watch And Three New Iphone X Variations

Apple’s September keynote conference, an annual event to announce their new phones and wearable tech, took place earlier today. The tech and lifestyle company has announced that the Series 4 of the Apple Watch, which has a 35% bigger screen

Riot Taps Former Uber Executive To Help Reform Corporate Culture

Riot Games has been the subject of a hurricane of controversy over the last month and a half. A report about a culture of toxicity and sexual harassment rocked the company, leading to a number of current and former employees