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The Walking Dead: The Final Season's Launch Trailer Looks Back At The Start Of The Journey

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is out in just a few days, which means the shambling corpses are heading right for you. Clementine can never forget the lessons Lee taught her about surviving and now she acts as the

We Happy Few Review

We Happy Few has crafted a story worthy of its eerie and drug-induced madcap setting (which is extremely welcome, as it was geared heavily towards survival and crafting in Early Access). The stories told of its misfit characters are bleak,

What Solstice Of Heroes Tells Us About The Future Of Destiny 2

I recently had the chance to dive into a pre-release version of Forsaken, the upcoming major expansion to Destiny 2, and detailed my thoughts in our cover story. That experience offered a glimpse into some of the core aspects of gameplay

Hunt: Showdown Is Having A Free Weekend On Steam

Hunt: Showdown, a horror-based multiplayer shooter from Crytek, is having a free weekend on Steam. You can gather together a hunting party and take part now. The early access shooter blends PvE and PvP to develop campaigns based around player

Let It Die Coming To PC

Let It Die, Grasshopper Manufacture’s rogue-lite action title, is coming to PC this Fall, GungHo has announced. Originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Let It Die released as a free-to-play title in December 2016. The game had hack-and-slash gameplay, online elements, and

The Quiet Man Is Three Hours Long And Utterly Nuts In This New Footage

One of the most bizarre announcements at Square Enix’s E3 conference was The Quiet Man. In a trailer that blended live action with a few seconds of punching-filled gameplay, the game posed about four thousand questions and answered none of

Shovel Knight Continues Foray Into Every Video Game Franchise By Joining Rivals Of Aether

If you saw Shovel Knight as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this past week and were disappointed because you wanted to play as him instead, indie 2D Smash Bros.-like Rivals of Aether will make your every shovel-related

Mercenaries Are The MVPs In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

You don’t have a creed in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It makes sense, considering the game’s setting of Greece circa 431 BC predates the establishment of an organized Assassin brotherhood by several hundred years. In short, you’re not an Assassin, or

Doom Eternal First Look: A Bigger, Badder, Bloodier Demon Fest

Id Software’s new vision for Doom debuted at QuakeCon in 2014. As imps and demons were torn to shreds with bullets and chainsaws, the crowd roared in approval, and clearly wanted to see more. Flash forward four years, and the

Doom Eternal Is Also Launching On Switch

Doom Eternal just got detailed with new footage and a presentation at Quakecon, finally fleshing out the anticipated sequel since its announcement at E3 in June. Despite the previous Doom game coming to Switch last year, not many people expected