Daily Archives: 06/27/2018

Cat Quest II, A Top-Down Cat RPG, Announced

Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire has been announced by indie developers The Gentlebros Games. The sequel to the first Cat Quest, which debuted on PC, the top-down RPG eventually came to mobile, Switch, and PlayStation 4. Cat Quest II

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Changes One Of The Series' Oddest Localization Choices

Eighteen years ago, when Capcom was preparing to release Mega Man X5 on the PlayStation in America, the task of localization fell to third-party localization company Genazea. At the time, Genazea was headed by Erik Suzuki, the editorial supervisor for Resident

Blizzard Reveals The Top Ten Plays Of Overwatch League 2018

With Overwatch League, every moment and play counts, though some are more pivotal than others. Much like with casual play, a single moment can completely turn the tide, and there are a lot more stakes when the Overwatch League winner’s

Jared Leto Prepares To Bring Another Comic Book Villain To Life With Morbius Movie

Emboldened from the Oscar-winning Suicide Squad, Jared Leto has reportedly signed on to star in Morbius, a film based on the blood-sucking Spider-Man villain.  The clown prince of method acting will be a scientist-turned-Vampire, if the movie sticks closely to the source material.

Talent Agency UTA Moves Into Esports With Acquisitions Of Other Agencies

United Talent Agency, a firm that represents entertainment industry heavies like Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Bird, Wes Anderson, and Judd Apatow among many others, is moving into esports representation with a number of key acquisitions.  UTA announced today that they have

Protect Your Fort With Underwear Designed By Streamer Ninja

You might know Ninja as the incredibly popular Fortnite streamer who has played the game alongside celebrities and commands an audience of 13.5 million subscribers on YouTube. That command is now going to help prevent people from going commando as

Wolfenstein Switch Port Studio Wants To Bring Entire Series To Nintendo's Console

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus launches on Switch fairly soon, a bit more than half a year after its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The porting studio, Panic Button, was recently asked by GameSpot whether they would

BioWare Wants To Make Small, Experimental Games

Our latest cover story is about Anthem, and that game is currently BioWare’s primary focus. However, the studio is also considering projects beyond Anthem’s release. While visiting the studio in Edmonton, we spoke with BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson and executive producer Mark

Your July PlayStation Plus Games Include Heavy Rain And Absolver

The Quantic Dream game train resumes its route in PlayStation Plus this month, continuing from the May station stop with Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends. Next month, Quantic Dream’s first PlayStation 3 title, Heavy Rain, is the heavy hitter

Pokémon Go Reaches Highest Active Player Count Since 2016 Peak

Pokémon Go reached its highest player count since its 2016 peak, according to a study from SuperData. According to the study, the game generated $104 million in May, up 174% year-over-year. SuperData attributes the rise in players to Pokémon Go’s “walkabout”