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[Update] Niantic Adds Trading To Pokémon Go After Teasing It 1016 Days Ago

Update 6/24/2018: A miracle happened last week. After announcing it on June 18, trading was finally added to Pokémon Go a few days ago. It only took over 1,000 days to implement one of Pokémon’s core mechanics to what may be its

How Tetris Effect Can Learn From Previous Arcade Reinventions

With enchanting music and trippy visuals, our first looks at Tetris Effect promise the timeless gameplay of Tetris in an entirely new context. Last week, we wrote about its gameplay additions and wild stylistic choices. But as novel as it

The 2018 Collection Of Terrible Video Game Shirts

First lady Melania Trump recently taught us we should pay attention to what we wear outside of the house. Over the last three years, I’ve been trying to hammer home this same message to video game fans. I began with

[UPDATE] Stardock Responds To Star Control Developers' Claims Over Ownership Of Series

Update 10:14pm: Stardock has sent statements to Game Informer responding to some of Ford and Reiche’s claims. A Stardock representative states that, while Ford and Reiche claimed back in December that the company was attempting to prevent them from making the game, “Stardock