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Next Pokémon Go Community Day To Focus On Squirtle

Get your Squirtle Squad sunglasses ready or order some in time for July 8’s Pokémon Go community day, which focuses on Kanto’s water starter. During the day, Squirtles will be a much more common encounter out in the wild, which also

The Video Game Industry Responds To WHO Categorization Of Gaming Addiction

The World Health Organization has been considering whether or not to officially recognize gaming addiction as a disorder. The decision was ultimately made official yesterday, which is causing strenuous objection from the Entertainment Software Association, a lobbying group made of

Dripping With Unrealized Potential

When I was a kid, I tried assembling a model car. This was back before “Nailed it!” was a meme (and before the internet in general), but I remember being disappointed by the disparity between the picture on the box

Fortnite Adds Stink Bomb And A New Battle Royale Mode

Taking cues from playground battles across the world, Fortnite is adding a stink bomb to its roster of cartoon weaponry. The new weapon will cause continuous damage to anyone standing within its radius (you know, just like real life). Additionally, patch 4.4 introduces

PUBG's New Map Comes To PC This Week

Sanhok, the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map, officially launches on June 22, and is now available on the game’s test servers. PUBG Corp. announced the map’s launch via Twitter. Smaller Map. Bigger Action. After four rounds of testing, Sanhok will finally

Sony Online Entertainment Ex-CEO Says Money Is The Reason For Crossplay Account Block

When Fortnite launched on Switch last week, it confirmed a theory players had about carrying over your Epic account between platforms. While your Epic account and all your Fortnite purchases are supposed to be movable to whatever platform you like, be

PlayStation 4 Brings Back Greatest Hits Lineup Of Discounted Games

Greatest Hits, Sony’s line of games that have achieved certain sales thresholds and get relaunched at discounted prices, is being brought back for the PlayStation 4. These will release as physical copies and on the PSN Store for a new

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Launching On Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, And Xbox One On September 25

Sega has announced that the anticipated sequel to the Valkyria Chronicles series will be arriving on a multitude of platforms on September 25. The title is the first new Valkyria game to hit western shores since Valkyria Chronicles II on

A Square Peg In A Round Hole

Pokémon has seen its share of strange offshoots, but Pokémon Quest goes in unique directions with both its gameplay and art style. Taking place on an island where everything is shaped like a cube, the free-to-play Pokémon Quest has you

The Legend Of Zelda Overperforms In Canada, Says Reggie

As part of an interview with the Toronto Star, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime talked a little about about the curious case of how well certain Nintendo series sell better in Canada than anywhere else. “There are certain franchises