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The E3 Games You Can Play Right Now

Each E3 brings tons of exciting surprise announcements, many of which leave us eagerly anticipating games that won’t be in our hands for months. But at this E3, several games (and ports) were announced that you can play right now.

From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki On Déraciné And Pursuing His Hidden Passions

Just as E3 was kicking into gear, Sony and From Software announced they were collaborating on a new VR title. Déraciné puts players in control of a faerie detached from space and time, meaning that you’re invisible and navigating the

Former Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner Sues Company For Damages

Telltale games is attempting to stand back up after a rocky year. After laying off a quarter of the entire company and promising to focus more on quality than quantity, the developer is trying to put games back as its focus

Insomniac Artists Create Covers For Amazing Spider-Man Issues

With Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 coming in just a short few months, both Marvel and Insomniac are gearing up to show their favorite webhead a lot more love. Marvel Comics editor Bill Rosemann has been tweeting out some of the new

Who’s Coming To Jurassic World Evolution In Next Week’s Free DLC

Jurassic World Evolution launched this week, letting players try their hands at becoming the managing director at a thriving dino-filled park. Or, depending on how you play, a dangerous nightmare center where visitors are imperiled by prehistoric monsters. During E3, I

Jump Force's Producer Explains Why Death Note Characters Aren't Fighting And How They Choose Characters

Earlier this week, we got a chance to speak with Jump Force’s producer at Bandai Namco, Koji Nakajima through translation. One of our discussions centered around the character roster for the game and the criteria they use to decide which

Metro Exodus Is Content Complete, Giving 4A Games Eight Months To Polish

The Metro Exodus E3 2018 demo was based on the same content we saw back in February for the March cover story, giving the world its first chance to see the boundary-pushing graphics, unforgiving gameplay, and ambitious transition from the linear focused

E3 Demo Shows A Renewed Focus For TT Games

TT Games has been steadily releasing Lego titles for more than a decade now, bringing notable franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel and DC comics to life in charming, family friendly games. While the frequency of releases has

New Gameplay Today – For Honor's Marching Fire Expansion

With all the news dropping at E3 this year, you might have missed For Honor’s new Marching Fire expansion. You should fix that! It’s a fairly meaty content drop, not the least of which is a new payload mode, Breach.

Crytek Outlines New Weapons, Monsters, And Map Coming Soon

Hunt: Showdown was one of the most promising titles of last year’s E3, and in the year since our first look at the reworked competitive survival horror shooter from Crytek, the studio has slowly been refining the technology driving the