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The Anthem Digital Issue Is Now Live

If you subscribe to the computer, tablet, or mobile edition of Game Informer magazine, you can read our issue featuring Anthem. Following today’s cover reveal, our digital issue is now live on web browsers and will be coming to iPad/iPhone later in the day. You can

New Gameplay Today – Unravel Two

Yarny fans were in for a roller-coaster ride today. Not only did EA and Coldwood Interactive reveal that an Unravel sequel was coming out, but the companies revealed that it was out now. As in, it is a thing you can

YouTube Series Did You Know Gaming Takes An Extensive Look At Smash Bros. Rumor History

The Nintendo fighting game series, Super Smash Bros., has a long history of speculation. With a character filled with classic characters, every one of which having its own fans, rumors spring up around every single character possibly making it in.

A Definite Fixer-Upper

In the realm of incredibly niche sim games, House Flipper certainly feels like a no-brainer. The concept of buying run-down houses, improving them, and then selling for a tidy profit has spawned countless television series, and makes for an enticing

E3 2018: EA Press Conference Highlights

E3 2018 is finally upon us, and like last year, EA was the first major publisher to show off its upcoming lineup to excited gamers. If you missed the show, don’t worry – not only do we have our archived

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Plans Free Content Updates

During a livestream preceding the EA Play show today, the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 team announced that the team-competitive shooter will be receiving free updates again. Although it wasn’t detailed what those updates will be, any new content

Anthem Trailer Brings The Action

This year’s EA Play press conference wrapped up with a closer look at Anthem. In the trailer, we get a look at the strange universe of the game, which mixes futuristic mechanical suits with an overgrown wilderness. We also saw

123 Rapid-Fire Questions About Anthem

Even after two showings now at E3, there’s still a million questions to ask about BioWare’s ambitious next game Anthem. Well, we hope we’re able to cross 123 of those off of your list with this video interview. While visiting

Anthem's Microtransactions Are Cosmetic-Only

Electronic Arts said that it learned its lesson after the 2017 loot box debacle that plagued Star Wars Battlefront II. Judging from the company’s approach to microtransactions in Anthem, that appears to be true. During our trip to BioWare’s studio for

Anthem Does Not Have Romances

If you’re a BioWare fan, you probably have an attachment to at least one love interest. Maybe it’s the noble Bastila, the charming Dorian, or the chitinous Garrus. However, if you’re wondering which characters you can romance in Anthem, you should put an