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What Would Be The Impact Of The Majora's Mask Moon Crashing Into Termina?

Because Science, a YouTube series that goes over the scientific feasibility of things like Loki’s 30 minute fall from Thor Ragnarok or the strength needed to swing a Monster Hunter great sword, is hosted by Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill (we

GI Show – Dauntless, Vampyr, Danny O'Dwyer Interview

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this episode Kyle Hilliard and Andrew Reiner talk about seeing new levels from the remaster of Spyro the Dragon and a couple of fun Nintendo games. Then Jeff Cork talks about his time

We'll Be Streaming The GI Show From E3, See Our Nightly Schedule Here

The gaming industry is always moving faster and faster and that pace kicks up tenfold during the week of E3. Luckily, Game Informer has your back! Between analyses of the various press conferences to the fastest coverage of major games

Microsoft Confirms Crackdown 3 Delay To 2019

After an earlier report that Microsoft is delaying Crackdown 3 out of this year into next year, Microsoft has confirmed the news to WindowsCentral. Rumors have been abound that Crackdown 3 was not going to make its proposed date after

7 Video Games That Will Make You Feel Like Han Solo

Star Wars: Battlefront II is celebrating Solo: A Star Wars Story with the release of new content for its Han Solo season, so we decided to celebrate Solo, too. Solo: A Star Wars Story is an entertaining adventure that brings viewers

J.J. Abrams' Production Company Expands To Bad Robot Games

Bad Robot, the film and television production company behind media such as Westworld, Cloverfield, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a whole lot more, has expanded to video game development under the banner Bad Robot Games. Bad Robot, which is

Every IGN Hitman Review

Agent 47 returns this November 13 for Hitman 2! No, not Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – the other Hitman 2. The one that’s actually Hitman 7, if you count all the episodes of the previous game as one and not

Master Chief And Ratchet Voice Actors Reprising Roles In Super Bomberman R

Master Chief and Ratchet, additions to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Super Bomberman R respectively, are going to be fully-voiced by their longtime voice actors. Steve Downes, who has been the voice of Master Chief since Halo:

Beyond 76: Fallout's Weirdest Vaults And The Games That Should Go With Them

With the announcement of Fallout 76, fans are scrambling for clues that will shed light on the new game. A few concrete details come from the pre-existing information on Vault 76. Most vaults in Fallout were built for a specific

Report: Castlevania Animated Series Renewed For Third Season

The Netflix Castlevania series, titled simply Castlevania, has reportedly gotten the go-ahead for a third season with the second season coming later this year. The report comes from Digital Spy, who spoke to voice of Trevor Belmont actor Richard Armitage,