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Battlefront II Update Adds Young Solo And Lando

There’s been a lot said about the quality and reception of Solo, the first character-specific prequel movie in Disney’s Star Wars set, but EA isn’t delaying plans to include Alden Ehrenreich’s Solo and Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian as heroes in Battlefront

Third Patch To Chrono Trigger For PC Released

In February of this year, Square Enix released Chrono Trigger on PC for the first time, which delighted fans up until the second they stared playing it. The PC port of the game, heavily based on the mobile version, looked

One Year Later: What Has Released Since E3 And What Hasn't

Every year, people look forward to E3 as their look into the future of what the gaming industry has cooking. In recent years, however, the show has started to trend away from the dream announcements of games years off and

Atreus Needs A Onesie, And More New-Game Plus Ideas For God Of War

God of War’s reinvention has been almost universally well-received, but there’s one particular feature of the original that fans are clamoring for: a new-game plus. God of War (2018) contains an enormous amount of content, but it’s confined to a

E3 2018 Predictions: Sony

The Sony E3 press conference is never without drama. Whether it is throwing shade at competitors, delivering surprise announcements, or wowing crowds with its formidable first-party lineup, Sony always makes its time in the spotlight must-watch TV for gamers. So

Nier Automata Crosses Three Million Units Sold

Nier Automata, the PlatinumGames-developed Yoko Taro action game about androids in a post-apocalyptic Earth, has crossed the three million threshold, the official Twitter account has announced. The number includes a combination of copies sold by Square Enix to retailers and

The Beautiful And Terrifying Violence Of The Witcher

I just wanted to play cards. Everywhere Gerald of Rivia goes, he’s beset on all sides. By monsters. By his tangled love life. By political conspiracies. By the specter of a missing (adopted) daughter. But mostly, he runs into idiots. Bona fide, dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers

Onrush Review

Onrush is the racing game for people that don’t like traditional racing games. It’s the Super Smash Bros. of the racing genre, and after spending several hours slamming into my opponents I can say with confidence it scratches an itch

Nike Details The Creation Of PlayStation Collaboration

Back in January, Sony and Nike announced a partnership for PlayStation-themed sneakers, which were both extremely time- and supply-limited. The sneakers came out in February and were gone the same day as they released. Today, Nike put up a post

Total War: Three Kingdoms Delayed Until Next Year

The newest historical game in the Total War strategy series, Total War: Three Kingdoms, has been delayed to Spring 2019. The game was announced in January and scheduled for Fall 2018 release, but a blog post on the Total War website stated today that the game