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Upcoming Overwatch Updates Add Social Features, Endorsements, And Symmetra Changes

The newest Overwatch Developer update hosted by Jeff Kaplan goes into a number of new features and changes for the game in an upcoming update. Kaplan first talks about the game’s new endorsement feature, which Kaplan characterizes as a contrast

Narrative Adventure Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Adds Fifteen New Stories

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a collection of various stories and vignettes, is adding fifteen new stories to its anthology in a free update. The title tasks players with wandering around Depression-era America as a skeleton with a bindle

Game Informer Is Now A Part Of Sonic The Hedgehog's Continuity

If you watched Game Informer’s complete playthrough of Super Metroid, you may be familiar with the jingle “Bramble Brand Bran Cookies are good for the bran children!” This mouthful of words is something Ben Reeves came up with on the

New Gameplay Today – Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn

Shaq is back, repeat, Shaq is back. The popular basketball supestar/actor/pitchman returns to the world of gaming after an unreasonably long hiatus. Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn moves the action away from the one-on-one battles of the notorious original 16-bit game

Eshop Datamine Reveals Fortnite Listing

As rumors have swirled about Epic Games’ impossibly popular Fortnite landing on the Switch, partially fueled by what appears to be a photo taken of E3 banner plotting and a Korean Ratings Board listing, one more gas canister is being

Report: Mega Man 11 Won't Be Released Physically On Switch In Europe

Capcom Europe confirmed that Mega Man 11 will only be available digitally on the Nintendo Switch in the UK and Europe, according to The Nintendo Channel.  Capcom also told The Nintendo Channel that “there is currently ‘no announcement’ regarding a European release”

The Sci-Fi Games We Hope To See At E3, But Likely Won't

The future of games is on display next week at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. Better known as E3, this week-long show is used by game publishers and developers to show off their latest works and surprises. Thanks to a

Job Listing Confirms New Diablo Project Currently In Development

It’s not shocking that Blizzard is constantly working on new titles in their venerated library of games, but a job listing on their site confirms that they’re hiring for a dungeon designer for a new Diablo game. The listing, which

First Episode Of Official Street Fighter Documentary Released

It is the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter and Capcom is celebrating with more than just the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. Today, Capcom released the first episode of a three-part documentary about the beginnings and rise of Street Fighter as

Deaf Overwatch Fans Are Coming Up With Unique Callouts For Each Character

The games industry has recently made huge strides towards making gaming accessible to differently-abled fans. Microsoft revealed their adaptive controller, which can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of control schemes, and teams like Naughty Dog are allowing players