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Learn The Story Of How Three Teenagers Helped Nintendo Create Star Fox In This Video

Though it hasn’t held up as well as some other SNES titles, Star Fox is a notable part of Nintendo’s history. It was one of the few 3D titles for the console, showcasing the power of the system many thought

Reader Discussion – Can You Come Up With A Better Name For The 'Metroidvania' Genre?

Naming things can be hard, and often, names develop as a utilitarian way of getting a concept across. Before they were called first-person shooters, they were called “Doom clones.” When games started making death impactful by regressing all of your

Hollow Knight Switch Sales Exceed 250,000 In First Two Weeks

After getting a surprise release date announcement during this year’s E3-themed Nintendo direct a couple of weeks ago, the Switch version of Hollow Knight has sold over a quarter of a million copies on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The news by

Watch The Witcher 3's Geralt Take On The Griffin, Samurai Jack-Style

 While he may be a bit more pragmatic about his bad guy-killing by taking payment for it, Geralt does share a few traits with Samurai Jack’s titular ronin. Both wander the world slaying monsters and humans alike (when necessary), and both are

Fortnite's Sky Has A Big Crack In It Now

Fortnite players logging in and playing matches right on all platforms should be greeted with a strange sight in the sky: cracks. What this might lead to is still a bit of a mystery, but it’s likely we’re nearing the

Valve Is Working On Replacing Steam Spy For Developers

Months after the company effectively ended third-party Steam sales data tracking site Steam Spy by updating their privacy settings, Valve has announced it is working on a more accurate replacement for developers. PCGamesN reports that at this week’s White Night

Destiny 2's Big July Patch Permanently Ups Crucible Player Count To 6v6, Adds Prestige Raid Lairs

July 17’s Destiny 2 update, 1.2.3, holds several major updates in the lead-up to September’s Forsaken launch. Crucible will never be quite the same, and Prestige raids will be a little more varied. Or at least, have better motivators to entice

What To Watch This Weekend: SGDQ, Dragon Ball FighterZ, And Hearthstone

Summer is quickly heating up into very uncomfortable temperatures, which makes it all the more pressing that you cool off with speedruns, tournaments, and leagues this weekend. Summer Games Done Quick will conclude later today (okay, let’s be honest, early

Insomniac's Spider-Man Makes First Comic Appearance In Spider-Geddon

Anticipating the new PlayStation 4 Spider-Man is hard. It’s like your spider sense is constantly going off because it’s so close, yet so far away. Marvel is feeding off this anticipation and is prepared to harvest just a bit of

Replay – Bushido Blade 2

Bushido Blade was the second game we ever played on Replay back in 2010, so a look at the sequel is long overdue. Join Reiner, Cork, Tack and me for a series of one-shot samurai duels. Even twenty years later, Bushido