Daily Archives: 04/10/2018

Red Dead Redemption Now Native 4K On Xbox One X

Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s seminal open-world western from last generation, is now enhanced on Xbox One X. The news was announced on today’s Inside Xbox stream alongside a host of other backwards compatible games and enhancements. Red Dead Redemption now

Update: Morrowind, Jade Empire, And More Coming To Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Update (5:45 p.m. CT): Microsoft’s Inside Xbox episode has some major news today. A slew of original Xbox games are making their way to Xbox One backward compatibility, including Destroy All Humans!, a ton of Star Wars titles, Jade Empire, The

God Of War Difficulty Modes And Customization Outlined

God of War’s difficulty modes have remained steady over the franchise’s history with the exception of players being able to lower the difficulty in earlier entries. With the latest installment on PlayStation 4, Santa Monica Studio’s Jeet Shroff took to

Westworld Expertly Trolls Fans With Fake Spoilers

One of the many facets Westworld’s first season excelled at was subtly taking popular songs and turning them into saloon-style piano tunes. HBO has carried over that quality to a trolling video that was said to be spoiler-heavy. Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan

New Gameplay Today – Radical Heights

Announced only yesterday, Radical Heights is the latest from Boss Key Productions, the studio behind Lawbreakers. Watch us take the latest game to enter the Battle Royale gauntlet for a spin. For those familiar with games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and

Sega Polling For Persona Dancing Crossover Costumes

Sega is no stranger to leveraging its brands across various games, such as Persona 5 costumes in Sonic Forces just last year. Now, that cross-branding is going in reverse as Sega is polling which of its IPs would work best

Science-Fiction Weekly – Breaking Down The New Solo Trailer

I have a bad feeling about this film. Whenever a new Star Wars movie is on the verge of release, my levels of excitement rocket into the stratosphere. This isn’t the case with Solo: A Star Wars Story. I want

New Gameplay Today – Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs – Royal Edition

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a Kickstarter project that found success on PC, and now it is making its way to consoles. The game follows Kay, who learns on his father’s deathbed that he is actually has some royal

Ninja Theory Aiming To Donate Hellblade Xbox One Money To Mental Health America

Ninja Theory has announced that they’ll be donating upwards of $50,000 to Mental Health America depending on whether the sales of the Xbox One version of Hellblade hit certain thresholds. The developer has set up two tiers for the first

Iconoclasts Is Officially Coming To Switch With New Difficulty Options And Boss Rush

Iconoclasts, the excellent Metroid-inspired platformer that released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Vita earlier this year, is coming to Switch with a few additions. It doesn’t have a specific release date other than “later this year”, but the Switch version