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Final Fantasy XV Showcases Another Full Year Of DLC Ahead

PAX East is currently entertaining showgoers, and news has emerged from a dedicated panel at that show about the upcoming plans for Final Fantasy XV. If you thought we were done with new content for the game that released in

Little Dragons Café Flies High With New Gameplay Trailer

Dragons make everything better, and that’s no exception when it comes to Yasuhiro Wada’s latest project in his pedigree of slice-of-life simulation video games from Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons. While disparate footage from GDC 2018 and screenshots of

Top Of The Table – Dinosaur Island

The world has no shortage of licensed board games to choose from. But some of the best games inspired by established brands don’t carry the license that gave rise to the concept. Case in point? Dinosaur Island, from Pandasaurus Games,

How Web Swinging Works In Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s unique knack for web swinging is an idea that has translated very well to video games in the past. The question on Spider-fan’s minds now is how Insomniac’s take on Spidey’s movement works, and whether it lives up to

Microsoft Teams With Blizzard For Overwatch Events That Fans Can Attend

With a game focused on such team-centric gameplay, it can often feel alienating to play Overwatch when toxicity creeps into trying to have a good time. However, rivalries and derision are far outnumbered by the friendships and passionate community that

Sam Fisher Leaps Franchises For Special Appearance In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Splinter Cell fans have clamored to see more Sam Fisher since 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and they might finally get their fill – kind of. A teaser for Ghost Recon: Wildlands titled “The Call – Special Operation Teaser” reveals that Fisher

Ready Player One’s Ernest Cline Talks Spielberg’s Gaming Passion

Ready Player One is currently in theaters, and we had the chance to sit down with the author of its source material. Not only did Ernest Cline craft the original book, but he is also credited alongside Zak Penn as

Conan Exiles Will Be Freed From Early Access Soon With A Double-Edged Appeal

In the harsh landscapes and social climate of Conan Exiles, day and night means survival. The action-based MMO has been through plenty of growing pains in the last year, so we went back to the Hyborian Age in a hands-on

Spring Has Sprung In Monster Hunter: World Event

Players who jump into Monster Hunter: World will notice several floral flourishes starting today. The limited-time Spring Blossom Fest runs from now through April 19, bringing a host of specially themed costumes, gestures, and more. You’ll notice the NPCs (including

Riot Admits It Unnecessarily Sexualized League Of Legends' Kai’Sa

Riot Games got candid and answered some fan questions in its “Ask Riot” section today. Questions focused on gameplay elements like why marksman are getting shorter ranges and why assassins have so many AoE abilities, but Riot also took the