Daily Archives: 03/29/2018

Life Is Strange Comic Adaptation Announced

Titan Comics, the publisher that takes licenses properties and adapts them for comics, has announced an adaptation of Dontnod and Square-Enix’s Life is Strange. There aren’t a ton of details, as Titan has not announced either the writer or artist

GI Show – Far Cry 5, Jurassic World, Jeff Goldblum Interview

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this episode, Ben Hanson, Jeff Cork, Dan Tack, and Jeff Marchiafava talk about our review of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5. Ben Reeves then joins the podcast to talk about the bizarre Nintendo

FoxNext VP & General Manager Talks Working With Marvel And Getting The X-Men License

In January 2017, 20th Century Fox formed FoxNext, a new division to head up the company’s video game, virtual reality, and theme park initiatives. From an upcoming shooter based in the Alien cinematic universe to a recent adventure game with

The Online Slump Continues

The boo-birds come out when perennial all-stars are ice cold in the opening months of the season. Fans believe these players didn’t take care of themselves in the offseason, and treated spring training like a vacation. In reality, April’s frigid

Six Bold Directions To Take The Far Cry Series

Far Cry 5 is out, and you’ll be able to explore all that Hope County has to offer in its lush forests and mountainous Montana region. We’d be lying if we said our sense of wanderlust wasn’t piqued, so we’ve

Game Music Spotlight: Jason Graves’ Game Composing Career And His Score For Moss

With dozens of projects behind his name, Jason Graves is a composer of many talents. He won two BAFTA awards for his work on Dead Space and a BAFTA nomination for Tomb Raider, composed the highly unconventional score for Far

Far Cry 5 Arcade Modder Erects The Baker Mansion From Resident Evil 7

There are practically no limits to what you can do in Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode, and users are already proving that with all sorts of out-of-the-box levels, including an uncannily identical model of the Baker’s mansion from Resident Evil

Detective Pikachu Review – A Bit Too Elementary, My Dear Pikachu

Pikachu was never intended to be the face of Pokémon, but thanks to the popular show, the adorable little electric mouse became the default mascot for the franchise. This critter also wiggled his way into my heart; despite the hundreds

Paul Neurath Discusses How Underworld Ascendant Builds On The Immersive Sim Legacy

Few game developers have a lineage as rich with innovation and quality as Paul Neurath. As a veteran whose game career extends all the way back to the 1980s, Neurath co-founded Looking Glass Studios and played a critical role in

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5 Review – A Split And Thrilling Conclusion

Telltale’s second season of Batman has a had a lot of moving pieces. The Riddler. Catwoman’s return to Gotham. Amanda Waller and Jim Gordon’s fight for control. Harley Quinn’s supergroup of villains and their mysterious intentions. At the center of