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Family Guy Mashing With Warcraft On Sunday

Family Guy is bringing out its inner Leroy Jenkins as they mash with Warcraft in the next episode. The Family Guy Twitter account earlier today tweeted out an image showing Peter as an orc and Stewie as a paladin. Currently, IMDB’s

30 Far Cry 5 Tips That Will Help You Take Back Hope County

The latest entry in Ubisoft’s sandbox shooter series is here and pits you in the American homeland, fighting against cultists with a serious doomsday crush. While the formula for Far Cry is pretty established at this point, some new systems

Splatoon's Burning Questions Finally Answered

Over the past few years, Nintendo has seen the Splatoon series skyrocket in popularity. As part of that rise to prominence, the fan community has scoured the game’s lore for any hints to the mysteries of Splatoon’s post-apocalyptic world. I

GDC Hiring Postcard Potentially Teases Playdead's Next Project

Playdead, the creators of Inside and Limbo, handed out a postcard at GDC asking developers to join its team, and on that postcard was a very enticing image. Inside released in the middle of 2016, six years after the release

This Week In Gaming – Far Cry 5, MLB The Show, Dragon Ball DLC

Each Monday, come here for a rundown of all this week’s big events that we know about, from game releases, to betas, to recapping the biggest continuing news stories from the previous week. If there’s anything we missed, feel free

Splatoon Producer Talks Octo Expansion, Biggie And Tupac References, And Super Smash Bros.

Splatoon was perhaps the biggest surprise hit on Wii U. In the time since its release in 2015, the colorful, family-friendly shooter has exploded in popularity and spawned a sequel on Nintendo’s wildly popular new console, Switch. Just like its

System Shock Reboot Now Coming In 2020

PC Gamer has talked with Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick and business development director Larry Kuperman, who say that the System Shock reboot is back on after going on hiatus. The game is being scaled back to its original vision,

Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5 – Same Stitch Review

One of the biggest draws of Telltale’s take on the Batman universe is that it has spent its first two seasons flipping Bat-universe convention on its head. Between Vicki Vale’s heel turn and Thomas Wayne’s criminal past, Telltale has not

Pokémon Go May Be Getting The Depth It Desperately Needs

Pokémon Go still has a huge fan base, many of which turned out yesterday to catch shiny Bulbasaur during the game’s third community event. These one-a-month events have been a success, but are not enough to keep the most ardent

25 Wacky Things You Can Do In Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has branded itself as a brooding game, one that tackles the intersection between religion and American violence. In spite of that pitch, the game itself is more wacky than you’d probably expect. We got up to a