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Billiards Gets Weird In Quirky Indie Pool Panic

Let’s be honest – most billiard video games are as exciting and vibrant as the bedraggled green felt of a dive-bar pool table. In the real world, pool is one of the best parlor games, but something is lost in translation

Breaking Down Game Informer’s 350+ Covers By The Numbers

We are currently celebrating our 300th issue, but thanks to myriad alternate covers, we have actually printed just over 350 different images on the front of our magazine. Here are just some of the patterns and oddities we’ve noticed looking

Every Game And Release Date Announced In Today's Nindies Showcase

Nintendo in Nindies Showcase today announced 16 games from indie developers are coming to the Switch throughout 2018. Seven of the titles are either launching first on Switch or are platform exclusive. The following is a list of the games:

Capcom Pro Tour Brings New Costumes, Stage To Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

To commemorate the Capcom Pro Tour 2018, Capcom announced that they will be releasing DLC that adds new character skins for Akuma and Sakura as well as a brand new stage used for the CPT. Along with those new character

Will Wright's New Game Delves Into Your Memories

SimCity/Sims creator and all-around genius Will Wright is working on a new Unity-based mobile title with developers Gallium Artists, and he wants you to get involved. The title is called Proxi, and Wright says it will manifest players’ own memories

Broly And Bardock Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ Next Week

Last month, Bandai Namco teased that Broly and Bardock were coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but now we have an actual for the DLC duo. What are you doing next week? More precisely, the characters are coming to the fighting

New GTA Online Racing Mode Kicks Off Season Of New Content

Rockstar Games has started the GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series, a season of new content featuring two new racing modes, Adversary modes, five cars, and more. Hotring Circuit is styled after stock car racing, with 10 races

Gravel Review

Gravel is an arcade-style off road racer that eschews tight and twisty traditional rallying in favour of mostly high speed assaults on generously wide tracks carved through a variety of exotic locations. Think less Codermasters’ Dirt and more a store-brand

PSA: PUBG Now Available On iOS And Android

The massively popular Player Unknown’sBattlegrounds is now available on both iOS and Android. BlueHole announced the game’s release on its Twitter account a few hours ago: The true Battle Royale experience is now on your phone. PUBG Mobile is available

Beautiful Fan Art Pays Tribute To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Infinity War shall be upon us soon, and with it, fan hype is rising quickly. Artist Kode LGX paid tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this incredible looking homage to The Last Supper. Like  Da Vinci’s The Last Supper,