Daily Archives: 03/14/2018

Google And Ubisoft Collaborate On Dedicated Game Servers

Google has announced that they are currently researching and developing new server technology in collaboration with Ubisoft to improve dedicated game servers. Called Agones, an ancient greek word referring to a contest of arts and athleticism, the new technology hopes

The Virtual Life – Why Telltale's Joker Is So Fascinating

Minor spoilers for Batman: The Enemy Within ahead. Let’s make no bones about it. Telltale is a developer with a spotty record when it comes to quality. While it certainly has champions like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us,

For Honor Gives Newcomers A Fighting Chance With The Starter Edition

With more games adopting the business model of a service, what tends to happen is that new players are woefully behind the pack. Whether this pertains to Destiny or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, both games have respectively solved these

Bit Trip Runner 3 Coming To Switch On May 22

The newest game in the Bit Trip Runner series has a release date of May 22 on Switch both physically and digitally. The release date was announced by developer Choice Provisions on Twitter today, confirming yet another release in the

Limited Run Games Testing Desire For Switch Titles Using Thimbleweed Park

Limited Run Games, the publisher of physical copies of games as collector’s items, is gauging how much audiences are interested in buying Switch games. “Our first game we’ll be putting up for sale on the Nintendo Switch will be Thimbleweed

Chucklefish's Magical School Game Now Called Witchbrook

Chucklefish, publishers of the immensely popular Stardew Valley, have revealed that their newest project formerly known as Spellbound is now named Witchbrook. Chucklefish’s CEO posted the news on Twitter today along with the new logo. The magical school life RPG

ID@Xbox Adding 17 Games To GDC Lineup

Microsoft has revealed 17 titles new to ID@Xbox, the Xbox One’s indie-developed games, ahead of Game Developers Conference next week. To be clear, these are not all newly announced titles. They are simply revealed to be coming to Xbox One

Microsoft Reveals E3 Plans And New Venue To Unveil Them

Recent years have seen some big changes to E3, the yearly conference where the video game industry gathers to show off what’s coming next. The event has long had a home in the Los Angeles Convention Center, but in the

The Latest Tomb Raider Movie Is A Charmless Retelling Of The Game

There was a time when Lara Croft was poised to take over the world as a brand unto herself, gracing the cover of every magazine, gaming or otherwise, on the newsstand. This fame naturally parlayed itself onto the silver screen

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Recognizes Its Roots

Few video game series, and few fighting games in particular, have the history and cultural cache that Street Fighter boasts. Even after occasional missteps, the series commands the attention of the entire fighting game community, carrying the banner at nearly