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Mark Hamill And Rian Johnson Talk About Luke In The Last Jedi

Just after a SXSW screening of The Last Jedi documentary, The Director and The Jedi, the titular roles of the movie came out to answer questions about the movie and Hamill’s on-again off-again feelings about Luke’s portrayal in it. Hamill

Former Eshop Head Explains What He Feels Are Nintendo's Inconsistent Indie Policies

During a Q&A session on video game forum Resetera, former head of digital content at Nintendo of America Dan Adelman explained why he has been criticizing Nintendo’s indie policies on the Switch. After working as a third party business development

The Sports Desk – Discussing MLB The Show 18's Road To The Show Mode

MLB the Show 18 developer Sony San Diego has released new info about the upcoming title’s Road to the Show mode. The mode puts gamers in the shoes of a mid-level prospect for an MLB franchise who must work his

Super Daryl Deluxe Launches This Spring On PC And PS4

Super Daryl Deluxe was originally unveiled as a Kickstarter project that surpassed its $5,000 funding goal with $7,861 back in 2014. While the two-man team of Dan & Gary Games have had their work cut out for them for the

Chucklefish Announces Pathway, A Turn-Based Strategy Game

Chucklefish, the publisher behind games like Stardew Valley and Pocket Rumble, has teamed up Robotality to bring out Pathway, a turn-based strategy title with a pixel voxel-based aesthetic. As a follow-up to 2014’s Halfway, Pathway seems to be inspired by

Square-Enix Hiring For Core Members Of Final Fantasy VII Remake Team

In a job posting over the weekend, Square-Enix appears to be hiring for level designers for the Final Fantasy VII remake. Through a translation courtesy of Siliconera, Square-Enix’s description of the remake’s progress does not sound like it is particularly

Dota 2 Introducing Monthly Dota Plus Subscription Service

Valve’s endlessly popular MOBA Dota 2 has announced a new monthly service called Dota Plus. The service is an “evolution” of Battle Passes. These are optional, seasonal packages players pay for which offer bundles of cosmetic items, as well as

Run Westworld From The Palms Of Your Hands

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced that pre-registration for its upcoming mobile game Westworld is now open. Based on the hit HBO show, Westworld will bring the power to control every aspect of the western-themed sci-fi park into your hands. In

This Week In Gaming – Kirby, Burnout Paradise, The Future Of Sonic

Each Monday, come here for a rundown of all this week’s big events that we know about, from game releases, to betas, to recapping the biggest continuing news stories from the previous week. If there’s anything we missed, feel free

Vengeful Kings Rise In Assassin's Creed Origins DLC

When grave robbers violate a pharaoh’s tomb, naturally the undead are not pleased, sparking events that take place four years after the main game. The Curse of the Pharaohs is out tomorrow (March 13), and through it players journey with