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Super Smash Bros. Director Confirms He Is Returning For Switch Entry

Nintendo’s newest Super Smash Bros. game was announced last night for a release in 2018. While there are a thousand big and small questions after the announcement, one thing we don’t have to ponder is whether series director Masahiro Sakurai

Xbox VP Teases Direct-To-Twitter Posting

Xbox vice-president Mike Ybarra tweeted out a test of the Xbox’s seemingly upcoming direct-to-Twitter screencap posting today. Ybarra posted the screenshot today, captioning it “Twitter direct!” alongside a shot of recently-released Xbox One indie game Samsara. The tweet included the

GameMaker Signs Deal With Nintendo, Adds Switch Export Function

GameMaker Studio 2, a popular 2D game engine that powers games like Hyper Light Drifter and VA-11 HALL-A, has signed a deal with Nintendo to bring the engine to Switch in a big way. After yesterday’s announcement of Undertale on

Days Gone Delayed Into 2019

Days Gone is among our most anticipated action and PlayStation titles of 2018. While the focus on the undead may seem stale to some people, the gorgeous visuals, unique behavioral patterns of the zombies, and open world might just scratch

Fortnite Developer Update On Jetpacks, Llamas, And More

Systems designer Eric Williamson took to Twitter to deliver a developer update on Fortnite, including information about jetpacks, smoke grenades, and llamas. Here are some of the highlights from Williamson’s update: The recently announced jetpack was delayed after some issues

Top Of The Table – Rising Sun

The more I play board games, the more I gain an appreciation for a concept you might call unity. These are the nebulous elements that tie a game together, weaving its theme with its mechanics, art with game design, and

Ratings Board Listing Indicates Super Bomberman R Might Come To PS4

A Korean Ratings Board listing indicates that Konami’s Bomberman revival might be coming from the Switch to the PlayStation 4. The Bomberman title launched with alongside the Nintendo Switch last March, becoming a marked success for Konami, which was widely

Neil Druckmann Promoted To Vice-President Of Naughty Dog

Neil Druckmann, one of Naughty Dog’s most well-known developers, has been promoted to the position of vice-president of the studio. The announcement came as part of a blog post from Naughty Dog president Evan Wells, assuring fans hopeful for The

NBA 2K League Draft Tips Off In April

The NBA 2K League announced plans to host its first league draft on April 4 at The Hulu Theater inside Madison Square Garden’s lobby. The NBA 2K League Draft Lottery, which will determine the draft order for the 17 teams, will

Mario Drifting Into Google Maps For Mario Day

  March 10 is Mario Day. Get it? Because it’s Mar10. To celebrate the occasion, Google and Nintendo are putting Mario on the map – literally. On the Google Maps app for Android and iOS, users on Mario Day can