Daily Archives: 03/08/2018

Mario Tennis Aces To Arrive In June

Today during Nintendo’s direct, the publisher announced that the latest title in the popular Mario tennis spin-off by developer Camelot will be hitting early this Summer. The direct also broke down the various strategies you can use on the court,

Dark Souls Remastered Getting An Amiibo Accompaniment

Dark Souls Remastered was one of the less expected third-party games announced for Nintendo Switch earlier this year. In an equally as unexpected announcement, Dark Souls is getting an Amiibo to go with its release. The Amiibo is of Solaire

More Details For Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Revealed

More details about Travis Touchdown’s Nintendo Switch debut have emerged. Travis enters a game world and must work his way through each of seven different game genres, such as action and racing. Each game that Travis enters will becapped off

Octopath Traveler Releasing On Switch In July

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Square-Enix presented Octopath Traveler, which they confirmed will launch this July. The JRPG based on old school sensibilities introduced two new characters, Tressa the Merchant and Alfyn the Apothecary, who both have unique skills to help

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Remake Coming To 3DS

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga received a 3DS remake last year with the new mode Bowser’s Minions in tow. You can check out our thoughts on the re-released game by clicking here. Today, Nintendo announced another remake with Mario &

Sushi Striker Rolling Up Onto Switch And 3DS

A zany game about toppling an empire called Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido has been announced. The Japanese multiplayer title, both local and online, has players eating piles of sushi so they can throw plates at each other. The

Okami Coming To Switch This Summer

The classic Capcom Zelda-like featuring a beautiful painted world is making its way to Switch. A port of the game, called Okami HD, came to PS4 and Xbox One late last year and it looks like that’s the port the

Luigi's Mansion Remake Coming To 3DS This Year

GameCube classic Luigi’s Mansion is coming to 3DS. The title originally launched on GameCube in 2001, and 3DS received a sequel called Dark Moon in 2013. Luigi’s Mansion features the green-clad Mario Bro searching the eponymous haunted mansion looking for

WarioWare Gold Announced, Packs 300 Micro Games

From picking noses to dodging hotdogs, a collection of WarioWare games is coming to 3DS. WarioWare Gold contains 300 micro games, making it the biggest collection of games in the series. The micro games are both familiar to fans and

Dillon Dead-Heat Breakers Coming to 3DS May 24

DIllon Dead-Heat Breakers, a tower-defense action hybrid, is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on May 24. This time around, your Mii character will be able to join Dillon’s squad to help him take down monsters and save the frontier. A