Daily Archives: 03/07/2018

Modder Adds Hyrule Warriors' Linkle To Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Linkle is a female version of Link created for Hyrule Warriors and a modder recently created a playable model of her for use in Breath of the Wild. You can check out the video showcasing Linkle below, which even integrates

Fortnite Adding Limited Time Five Teams Of 20 Mode Tomorrow

Fortnite’s Battlye Royal mode is built on the back of one versus 99, but Epic is continuing to tweak those metrics and will have a new mode starting tomorrow. Bigger teams, bigger battles! Five teams of 20 fight for Victory

H1Z1 Review – Solid Survival Shooting

  The concept of H1Z1 is simple: Hit the ground running, grab a backpack and whatever weapon is handy, and head to the safe zone while blowing away 149 opponents. Anything can happen during a match, including stealthy shootouts from

There Are No Microtransactions In God Of War

Microtransactions are an element of many games – some appropriate, some not – but the upcoming God of War on PS4 will not be among them. While at a European press event, director Cory Barlog responded to an inquiry about

Nintendo Direct Tomorrow Will Give Details On Switch and 3DS Games

As the company is wont to do, Nintendo just revealed on short notice that it will be hosting a Direct stream tomorrow that will reveal new details about Mario Tennis Aces but will also be “focused on Nintendo 3DS and

Report: Call Of Duty 2018 Is Likely Black Ops IV

Kotaku reports that this year’s Call of Duty game, confirmed by Activision in their last earnings call with investors, is exceedingly likely to be the fourth game in the Black Ops series. The news site confirms with their own sources,

Devil May Cry PC Free On Twitch Prime

Capcom and Twitch announced last month that Amazon Prime accounts attached Twitch would get Devil May Cry free at the end of February. For whatever reason, that release was delayed, but has gone live now. The release is one-third of

New Gameplay Today – Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

Ubisoft has done a great job supporting Rainbow Six Siege since its 2015 launch, adding new characters, maps, and cosmetic items to the tactical shooter. Today, the studio also added a new PvE mode, which lets squads take on waves

Ys VIII Launching On PC In April

After numerous delays, Ys VIII should be finally hitting PC in April. The game was originally scheduled to release on January 30 but was delayed indefinitely ten days before release due to issues stemming from PC specifications and the porting