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Entertainment Software Association To Meet With White House On Thursday

After the whirlwind last week where the White House announced a meeting with video game leaders, and the Entertainment Software Association subsequently stated that none of its member companies have received invites, the ESA has now announced that they will

Eight Takeaways From Our-Hands On With Labo

We recently got to go hands-on with Labo, spending time popping its cardboard pieces out of templates, folding them together, playing with the compatible games, and looking at the surprisingly versatile Toy-Con garage. Since its debut, Nintendo has made it

Life Is Strange 2 Details In Coming Months, Features New Story And Characters

With the release of the bonus episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, both Deck Nine Games and original Life is Strange developer Dontnod are closing the book on Max and Chloe’s story. However, it does seem like news

The Sports Desk – The Golf Club 2019, Tennis World Tour & MLB The Show 18's Diamond Dynasty

This week there are a variety of details to cover for a trio of games, and instead of breaking it up into separate columns, I figured I’d just run it all in one jam-packed Sports Desk. Enjoy. —————————————————————————————————————————– HB STUDIOS

Skyrim Switch Studio Publicly Offers To Port Monster Hunter World For Capcom

Iron Galaxy, a studio known for lots of mercenary work on ports and also titles like Killer Instinct and Extinction, has publicly offered their services to Capcom to help port Monster Hunter World to Switch. Capcom has previously described the

Fear Effect Sedna Review – Dead On Revival

In 2000, Kronos Digital and Eidos released a unique anime-inspired action game called Fear Effect for the original PlayStation. Its slick presentation, Ghost in the Shell-inspired world, and mature narrative earned it a cult following. That following had reason to

Nintendo Switch Still Accurately Tracking Play Time, Fix Coming In The Future

As of the Switch’s one-year anniversary, it had become pretty apparent that something was wrong with the activity counter. Now, Nintendo has acknowledged the issue and promised to fix it down the line. A lot of fans were angry when

Check Out How Max And Chloe Said Goodbye In Before The Storm's Bonus Episode Trailer

Deck Nine Games wraps up their run on Life is Strange with Farewell, the final episode in the prequel series Before the Storm. The episode, which comes out today, takes the prequel even further back, when Chloe and Max were

Inside Xbox Returns Next Week To Give Fans A Monthly Behind-The-Scenes Look

The team at Xbox has announced the return of Inside Xbox in the form of a new monthly show. The show, which was canceled in 2012, brings back Larry Hryb aka “Major Nelson” as one of the hosts, and promises

The Swords Of Ditto Hits PS4 And PC In April

The Swords of Ditto takes heavy inspiration from the Legend of Zelda franchise. This is true not only in the gameplay style, but in the story as well. Rather than focusing in on the tale of one hero, however, it