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Find Out How Ship Customization In Sea Of Thieves Works

With Sea of Thieves not far off on the horizon, Rare has released a video detailing how ship customization works. Rare hasn’t been coy about the ways in which pirate customization works, explaining that pretty much every aspect of your

Deep Rock Galactic Is A Cooperative Blast

Your party consists of four gun-totting dwarves. After a successful mission, you can buy them new beards. If this doesn’t pique your interest, perhaps the excellent exploration and gunplay will. Deep Rock Galactic isn’t officially out yet, but is available

Funny To A Point – Let's Get Real About Realism

Sometimes realism is used in games to reveal or confront a deeper truth about the human condition. Other times it’s the knee-jerk defense for some crap mechanic that should never have been put in a game in the first place.

First4Figures Launches Castlevania Line With Alucard

It’s been a long time since Castlevania: Symphony of the Night turned the series on its head, but you can celebrate yourself with a new Alucard statue. You claim to love Symphony of the Night, so now you can go

Bethesda Returning With Showcase At E3 2018

For the fourth year in a row, Bethesda Softworks will host another showcase the weekend before E3 in 2018. There’s currently little news of what’s on the horizon from the publisher, which prides itself on single-player stories, so we have

Anthropomorphic Animals Headline A New XCOM-Style Tactics Game From Creators Of Hitman, Payday

It’s not every day you see a game starring an angry boar and anthropomorphic duck with an attitude problem, but that’s what Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is selling.  Funcom and The Bearded Ladies (a collaboration between former Hitman and

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild OST Announced In Japan

A box set of CDs featuring the music from the latest Legend of Zelda game has been announced in Japan, in both regular and special editions. The five-disc set contains all of the music from the game, the DLC, and

The Station Review – Lifeless Space

The Station tells a science-fiction story we’ve all heard before. Earth has lost contact with a crew aboard a space station, and you are sent in to investigate what happened to them. This premise usually reveals flesh-eating aliens, rogue A.I.,

Firmament's Snowy, Steam-Punk Scenary Is Teased In A New Trailer

Cyan Inc., the studio behind Myst and Obduction, have revealed a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Firmament. The trailer is narrated by an ethereal voice as the camera guides the view through snow-capped mountains and abandoned steam-punk machinery. A

Square-Enix Drops Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Teaser On Anniversary

Twelve years to the day of the Japanese release of of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, Square-Enix has dropped a teaser trailer for…something A one-minute teaser popped up on Square-Enix’s Youtube channel this morning, slowly panning over the words “Should Deny The