Daily Archives: 02/27/2018

Yakuza 6 Demo Pulled From PSN As Players Access The Full Game

Sega has pulled the Yakuza 6 demo from PSN on its day after release after some intrepid players discovered ways around the story gating progress to play the entire full game. As we reported yesterday, the Yakuza 6 demo came

New Gameplay Today – Moss

Moss is out today on PlayStation VR. You know – that cute game with the little mouse? Don’t worry if you’re not completely familiar with it, because Kyle straps on the headset and guides us through the charming puzzle-platformer. As

Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Confirms Baby Groot Is Groot's Son (Again)

Director James Gunn occasionally likes answering questions on social media, though it turns out we don’t always want the answers. Today on Twitter, Gunn was joking with a reporter about a comparison between Porgs, the puffin CG replacement from Star

Metal Gear Survive Review – Stripping A Solid Series For Parts

Metal Gear Survive is the first entry since Konami and series creator Hideo Kojima’s contentious split, and it shows. It features a non-canon, spin-off story and veers away from its stealth roots in favor of a survivalist approach. But while

New Gameplay Today – Chrono Trigger PC

Square Enix released Chrono Trigger on Steam today, to the surprise and delight of many. That delight may be short-lived, as Leo, Ben Hanson, and I soon learned. Long story short, this has all the hallmarks of a quick and

Science-Fiction Weekly – Star Wars Rebels, Solo, Lost In Space, The Dark Tower, Heaven's Vault

Danger, Will Robinson. Netflix is revisiting science-fiction’s past with a reboot of the 1965 television show Lost in Space. Set 30 years in the future at a point when Earth’s resources are dwindling, the Robinson family is tasked to travel

Kirby Developers HAL Laboratory Release Part Time UFO On Mobile

All of a sudden, the developers best known for Kirby games releases a mobile game on Android and iOS yesterday centering around a UFO looking for a job. HAL Laboratories released the game yesterday for $3.99. The game had been

Xbox 360 Games Join Xbox One X Enhanced List

Microsoft have announced a number of Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles that are enhanced on the Xbox One X. The titles, Forza Horizon, Witcher 2, Crackdown, and Fable Anniversary. That makes for a total of eleven games that, when played

Heaven's Vault Announced For PS4

Inkle has announced that its latest project, Heaven’s Vault, will be their first game to hit consoles. The studio has released a trailer that showcases Heaven’s Vault’s journey of language and discovery and announces that is coming to PlayStation 4.

Monster Hunter World Aloy Quest Launches Tomorrow, Event Quests Will Rotate

In a post on PSBlog today, Capcom’s Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained the details of the second Horizon: Zero Dawn quest that nets you an armor that makes your hunter look like Aloy and a similar bow. The