Daily Archives: 02/26/2018

New Overwatch Character Tease Turns A New Page

New character reveals in Overwatch have always been shrouded in mystery and Hero #27 is no exception. Blizzard has sent out more lore tweets that further tease a new character reveal and how that character may be tied to Torbjörn

Blizzard Rolls Out Diablo III's 13th Season

Diablo III’s latest season is now live, which means there are new cosmetic rewards. To earn Haedrig’s Gift, a free class set, players must finish season journey chapters two through four. Exclusive season items, earned through the season journey, include

Does Metal Gear Survive Contain A Secret Message?

Hideo Kojima is no stranger to embedding secrets and deception in his work, whether that involves misleading players about Solid Snake’s role in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty or cryptically aluding to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom

The Sports Desk – The Fighters UFC 3 Needs To Add

This week my esteemed colleague Brian Shea is here to dive more in-depth with the UFC 3 roster, analyzing its relevance and how it can improve going forward. —————————————————————————————————————————– EA Sports UFC 3 launched earlier and, as I said in

Check Out Some Photos Of The New Charizard Pokémon Gallery Figure DX

Last year, Pokémon Center started a new line of Pokémon collectibles called Gallery Figures. The initial line featured Pikachu, Mew, Eevee, and Magikarp, while the second line contained Cubone, Vulpix, Psyduck, and Jigglypuff. Since then, the lines have been smaller,

The Pokemon Company Announces Pokemon Day Tomorrow With Snapchat Lenses And More

Pokemon Day is February 28 and The Pokemon Company is reaching outside its usual comfort zone to offer things like new Pokemon snapchat lenses and Pikachu Talk for Google Home and Alexa. The date, February 27, is the 22nd anniversary

PSA: PC PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Leaderboards Reset Tonight

If you’re looking to ramp up and rank up in the next PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds season, it might be a good time to get some practice in. Play is scheduled to be unranked until the next season begins. We don’t know

How The 4A Engine Is Evolving For Metro Exodus

Since its debut with Metro 2033  in 2010, 4A’s in-house engine has proven to be a powerful piece of evolving software. Metro: Last Light launched five years ago, and many publications, us included, use that game as a benchmark test for

SXSW Reveals Featured Guests, Tournament Stage Games

The gaming side of SXSW has announced several additions to the Austin, Texas, event, including esports tournaments and featured guests. Noted speakers this year will be Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, professional gamer for 10 years and inactive player on Cloud9, and

WWE Items Rumble Into Rocket League This Spring

The tag team between Rocket League and WWE is going strong as Psyonix announced that Rocket League is adding WWE-themed customization items later this year. More information about the specific items is coming in April. Rocket League has integrated themselves