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Splatoon 2 Starter Edition Inking Its Way Into Retailers Next Month

Next month, Nintendo’s third-person ink shooter, Splatoon 2, will be getting extra goodies in the Starter Edition. This package comes with the full game, a 100-page strategy guide, and two sheets of Splatoon stickers. It’s priced at $59.99, same as

Should You Play Shadow Of War: Blade of Galadriel?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been rolling out smaller patches and content drops at a slow but regular pace since the game’s launch back in September. But last week saw the first major expansion for the game finally arrive; Blade

Harry Potter Director To Helm Five Nights At Freddy's Adaptation

Most videogame-to-film adaptations are prone to being shelved or never make it out of conceptual development. With a Five Nights and Freddy’s movie having been in talks for the past three years, it wouldn’t have been outlandish to see it

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Day One Patch Is A Whopping 23 GB

If you’re planning on buying Kingdom Come: Deliverance for PS4 or PC, we hope your bandwidth limits are generous. A story has been making the rounds that the PS4 version of the game requires a day one patch that is

The Sports Desk – Bringing Franchise Features Into Madden Ultimate Team

Normally I’m a franchise player, but recently I’ve been diving deep into Ultimate Team and definitely enjoying the experience. This got me thinking: What franchise features could be used in Ultimate Team? Connected Franchise Mode’s strengths (CFM) are its regular

8 Modes We Want To See In Overwatch

Overwatch is at the height of its popularity, becoming Blizzard’s fastest-growing franchise ever with more than 35 million players. The developer has also led the charge in promoting the game’s burgeoning eSports scene with the Overwatch League, which boasted 10

Blanka Comes Out Of The Cage For Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V’s third season of DLC was officially unveiled with six characters teased all at once during last year’s Capcom Cup finals. Since then, Sakura was released in January and now it’s Blanka’s turn to tear up his opponents on February

Our Exclusive Screenshot Gallery For Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is making some big changes to 4A’s formerly claustrophobic series (you can read all about them here!). The developer is also upping the ante visually, making one of the best looking video games look even better. We got

NBA 2K18 Bank Shots To Best-Selling Sports Game Of 2017

The NPD Group has reported that NBA 2K18 is the top-selling sports video game last year. With around nine million copies sold, 2K18 was the second most sold game in 2017, with Call of Duty: WWII taking the top spot.

Afghanistan's First Female Coders Develop Game To Combat Opium

The first Afghan female coders, a group of students in Western Herat, have developed a game centered around fighting Taliban-controlled opium poppy fields. The game, called Fight Against Opium, is based on stories 20-year old coder Khatera Mohammadi’s brother told