Daily Archives: 02/11/2018

Hello Neighbor And Five Other TinyBuild Ports Are Coming To Switch

Several indie games from developer TinyBuild are heading to Switch soon, including Hello Neighbor and Clustertruck. Each game is priced $14.99, with the exception of Hello Neighbor which is launching at $39.99. You can read a short description of these

Dishonored 2 Graphic Novel Arrives Later This Month

Dishonored 2 is a fantastic stealth game that I often have an itch to return to. Whether I do or not, it’s clear that I can still enjoy its engrossing world in other ways. Recently, publisher Titan Comics announced that

Sony Projects Enormous, Spectacular God Of War Trailer On NBA Basketball Court

Spectators during an NBA game in Oakland last night were treated to an unexpected display: a new God of War trailer was projected onto the large court, grabbing the whole stadium’s attention. Considering the large size of the court, it

[Update] Developer Confirms It Is Not Working On PS4 Version Of MGS HD Collection

Update 2/11/2018: Armature has confirmed to Dualshockers that it is not working on a current-gen version of the collection. “Unfortunately this was simply a typo by one of our web developers an is neither a leak nor indication that the

London Spitfire Win Stage One Playoffs Of The Overwatch League

Following three rounds of matches that spanned over a nearly 12-hour day of competition, the London Spitfire have emerged as the champions of Stage One of the Overwatch League. In the finals, they beat New York Excelsior in a reverse

Splatoon 2's Pop Duo Pearl And Marina Get The Amiibo Treatment

Nintendo recently announced Splatfest hosts and pop duo Pearl and Marina will soon be available to buy as amiibo. While no details have been given as to what their functions will be when activated in the game, Nintendo says they’ll

Super Replay – Vampire Hunter D Episode 7

Our playthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is the most successful Super Replay to date. One thing became abundantly clear: You love watching us suffer while playing broken games. From the comments I read, a good number of you expected

See What Somber Secrets Shadow Of The Colossus Hides Behind The Camera

Shadow of the Colossus is a wonderful game, asking us to reflect on our actions and consider the weight of violence and its cause. It’s also a video game, which means there’s a lot of fun little levers and pulleys