Daily Archives: 02/10/2018

Rumor: Developer Portfolio Listing Hints At PS4 Version Of MGS HD Collection

There’s a somewhat irritating lack of Metal Gear games on modern consoles, but a recent listing could hint at that being rectified pretty soon. Armature, the developer of the Vita version of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, currently lists

Friday The 13th Game Introducing New Single-Player Challenges

After a less-than-stellar release, Friday the 13th has slowly been making amends by adding new content, characters, modes, and more. The latest content is a new set of single-player challenges, which should offer players looking for something to do between

Someone Made A New Game For The Sega Genesis, Decades After The Console's Release

If you happen to have your Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, outside the US) hooked up to your TV right now, you’re in luck! There’s a new game you can play on it. Developer Matt Phillips has released Tanglewood, a

Splatoon 2's February Splatfest Pits Money Against Love

Cake vs. Ice Cream! Rock vs. Pop! Vampires Vs. Werewolves! All fun, consequence-free choices that fueled the competitive drive of the Splatoon 2 community. All of that ends next week, when Nintendo asks us a question that rocks us to

Hear A Snippet Of The Kingdom Hearts III Theme Song

Alongside a new trailer showing off the new Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts, Disney and Square Enix showed off a pair of trailers showcasing the game’s theme song, “Don’t Think Twice,” in English and one in Japanese, both by

Kingdom Hearts III D23 2018 Trailer Reveals Monsters Inc. Setting

At this year’s D23 expo, Disney and Square Enix showed off a new trailer for Kindgom Hearts III, revealing another Pixar-based setting: Monsters Inc. The has a brief interaction between Marluxia and Sora, the latter of which seems to have

What To Watch This Weekend: Hearthstone, Tekken 7, And Rocket League

This week we’ve got the big the three S’es of esports: Spitfire, Storm, and Strongstyle. The Tekken 7 scene is as strong as ever, and this week’s StrongStyle tournament will feature the game’s best talent in San Jose this weekend. (Stream

Yasuyuki Oda on SNK Heroines' Sexualization, Accessibility, And Competitive Audiences

SNK has seen a rollercoaster of ups and downs in the video game world for the last decade. After essentially leaving active video game development, the once-household name Japanese developer is now doing their best to recommit to video games

Replay – Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

For Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Electronic Arts assembled a dream team of developers in order to compete in the RPG genre. It was okay. Released in 2012, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was directed by Mark Nelson with designer Ken Rolston,

What If The Solo Trailer Featured The Han Solo Theme Song Instead?

Yeah, sure, there’s some hype for Solo: A Star Wars Story. It has Don Glover, who’s always been great. It tells the story of a generation-defining puckish rogue. That’s cool. But what if it had “I’m Han Solo” playing instead?