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Limited-Time Offer: Disappearing Content In Games

Before patches and DLC, video games were released as complete products. Now, developers have increasingly implemented time limits on in-game events and items, encouraging players to buy their games and act fast. Here is a list of prominent titles with

Ryuji Breaks It Down On The Dance Floor In This New Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Trailer

In a partner piece to the Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night trailer starring Yukari, another new trailer starring the blabbiest Phantom Thief, Ryuji, also came out. In this trailer, Ryuji shows off his dance moves and a host of skins,

Yukari Shows Her Moves In New Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Trailer

In a new trailer for Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night, dormmate Yukari shows off her dance moves, with a little help from Communicator Fuuka. You can check out the newest Persona 3 DMN character trailer below, which also has a

The Coolest Pokémon Sun And Moon – Ultra Prism Cards We Pulled From Booster Packs

The fifth expansion in the Pokémon Sun and Moon series of the popular Trading Card Game released last week, and I decided to see what I could pull from opening a bunch of booster packs. Thankfully, unlike previous expansion Shining

Activision Blizzard Made $4 Billion From Microtransactions in 2017

Activision-Blizzard in its latest earnings reports reveals the company in 2017 received $4 billion in revenue from “in-game net bookings” – or microtransactions – in its quarterly and annual reports. This money is accumulated from various content such as in-app

Top Of The Table – Massive Darkness

Almost any game player can get behind the idea of a good dungeon crawl. Twisting corridors hide lurking monsters. The doors of an ancient ruin could reveal a cache of treasure or a nest of spiders. It’s the simplest and

Monster Hunter World Ships Six Million Copies, Fastest Selling Capcom Game Ever

Monster Hunter World is doing remarkably well in terms of shipment numbers, but Capcom has recently announced it hit the milestone of six million units shipped, making it a record-breaking title for Capcom. The distinction between shipped and sold can

New Area And Weapon Discovered In Shadow Of The Colossus Remake

Earlier this week, Brian from the PS4Trophies YouTube channel made some tantalizing connections with a mysterious new collectible called “Enlightenments” in Shadow of the Colossus. Bluepoint’s remake contains a shout out to “Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to enlightenment” in

Report: Bandai Namco Developing Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo has not officially revealed who is working on Metroid Prime 4, but Eurogamer reports “multiple sources” confirmed to them that Bandai Namco is at the helm. Bandai Namco Studios Singapore, a development branch in the company, is reportedly working

How "Open-World" Is Metro Exodus?

With our new cover story on Metro Exodus from 4A Games, we go into a lot of detail on the sequel’s biggest changes to gameplay. With this video feature, we want to focus in on perhaps the biggest change. Leaving