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Smite Is Getting An Anime-Themed Horde Mode

Over its lifecycle, Smite has released various “Adventures,” new modes which throw the MOBA’s cast of characters into RPGs, racing, and capture-the-flag games. The latest adventure turns Smite into a Horde-type mode. It also turns it into an anime. The

Overwatch League Interview – Seagull, Flex For The Dallas Fuel

The Dallas Fuel are off to a slow start in the inaugural season of Overwatch League. Seagull, one of most popular Overwatch players in the world, feels his team will turn it around in the months ahead. I talked to

Latest PUBG Xbox One Update Rolls Back Vehicle Changes Made In Previous Update

A new update has hit the servers for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which seems primarily designed to eliminate the vehicle damage changes made in the update made before it. The previous update made adjustments to vehicle damage,

PS4 Update Brings Custom Wallpapers And Supersampling To Pro

As PlayStation owners ardently wait for the chance to change usernames, they’ll need to remain as content as possible with what alterations Sony releases for its flagship console in the meantime. Fortunately, the latest 5.50 firmware update comes with a

Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn Is The First Woman To Win A Premier StarCraft II Tournament

Sasha ‘Scarlett’ Hostyn has made StarCraft II history by being the first woman to win a premier StarCraft II tournament in beating two-time WCS Global Champion Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin 4-1 at last weekend’s Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Season XII

10 Bold Changes Exodus Is Making To Metro

Though familiar (mask-obscured) faces return from prior games, Exodus is bringing sweeping changes to Metro’s claustrophobic brand of action-horror. We recently went to 4A Games’ studio in Malta and took a sneak peek at the latest entry. We came away

Fan-Made Book Compilation Overviews And Critiques History of CRPGs

As the videogame industry continues to expand beyond a billion-dollar business, several people have realized how poorly its nascence has been preserved. Why would it be, considering how the medium was largely lumped into the category of child’s toys? Cartridges,

LinkedIn Profile Suggests Bandai Namco Is Working On Switch-Exclusive FPS And Ridge Racer 8

Late last night, a LinkedIn profile was discovered of a developer at Bandai Namco, which seemingly spilled a lot of beans about the company’s upcoming projects. The LinkedIn bio made reference to several projects past and present, as is the

Latest Deadpool Sequel Trailer Shows Josh Brolin's Cable

A new trailer for the Deadpool sequel gives us our first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in action. The preview begins in typical, serious-toned superhero movie fashion as Brolin describes the hell his character has been through. Then in

Here's The First Official Trailer For Jessica Jones Season 2

Marvel has dropped the official trailer for season two of Jessica Jones, which seems look backwards for its plotline. Based on the trailer, season two looks to focus on the origin story of Jessica Jones, including what happened to her