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This Online Documentary Tells The Story Of Tetris

As one of the most popular and influential games of all time, Tetris has left a lasting impression on the gaming world. Its origin story is well-documented and legend at this point, but the details and background surrounding its creation

Modders Are Already Giving The Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster New Looks

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fantastic fighting game in many ways, but one area it’s sorely lacking is color options. Although you can choose between Yellow and Blue-haired Gokus, the color options for characters are limited to palette swaps. Of

Pokémon Go Players Can Now Purchase New Outfits By Earning Medals

Pokémon Go is adding a trio of new outfits players can buy, but these have a new twist: You have to earn them first. The new Jogger, Battle Girl, and Fisherman outfits require players to earn their corresponding medals in-game.

What To Watch This Weekend: Dota 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ, And Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

This week is the Super Bowl and people will be watching a lot of that! Meanwhile, several esports are trucking along, offering something for everyone not interested in seeing the Patriots beat the Eagles (this is my guess I made

Reader Discussion – What Is Your Dream License For A Fighting Game?

With Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing last week and Dissidia Final Fantasy out this week, it’s been a fairly big week for licensed fighting games. Both licenses have a decent bit of experience in this arena, but fulfill some dreams for

Back To The Future Manga Being Made With One-Punch Man Artist

A Japanese comic, or manga, adaptation of the 1985 mainstream classic, Back to the Future, has been announced, from popular manga artist Yuusuke Murata. The announcement was made at an event for the movie Ready Player One held in Tokyo on Thursday.

Replay – Bullet Witch

Video games certainly aren’t lacking in the bullet department, but fans of witches will find their options are limited. Roll with me here, OK? In 2007, Cavia and Atari smashed the two nouns together in one unforgettable (?) combo. In

Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones DLC Review

Riding across the golden landscapes of Egypt in search of rare loot, invading enemy fortresses for adrenaline-pumping assassinations, and following the story of Bayek as he lays down the groundwork for what will become the famed Brotherhood of Assassins are

Marvel Reveals First Hints At Avengers Game Concept With Crystal Dynamics

Square-Enix and Marvel have been fairly quiet since announcing their partnership for an Avengers video game, but it seems the team has been assembled to get the game going. In a news post on the Marvel blog, the Disney-owned comics

Weekend Warrior: Super Bowl Edition

It’s Super Bowl weekend, which means it’s a great time to have some friends over, open a few bags of Doritos, and show those friends why Yamcha is the best fighter in DBZ. Oh, and watch some commercials. With Shadow