Daily Archives: 02/02/2018

System-Wide Supersampling Coming To PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony is currently beta-testing their next major firmware update, 5.50, and testers have found a system-wide option for supersampling in games when using a PS4 Pro. Supersampling is, essentially, rendering a game at a higher resolution than the display supports,

Bahamut Figure Summoned By Square Enix

Square Enix has an odd yet compelling assortment of figures in its Play Arts and Bring Arts series. The latter has a new one coming to the foray with Final Fantasy’s iconic Summon Bahamut. This particular iteration of the godlike

Funny To A Point – 10 Reasons I'm Loving Monster Hunter: World

Capcom’s latest monster-safari sim is out in the wild, but is it any good? I kinda already blew my answer in the headline, but why not keep reading anyway? I’ve been looking forward to trying out Monster Hunter: World for

King of Kong Billy Mitchell's Top Donkey Kong Records Removed For Misleading Hardware Use

The Donkey Kong high-score scene is famous enough to have a documentary about it, starring high-score veteran and hot sauce maven Billy Mitchell. Mitchell’s scores are being called into question for using different hardware than originally thought. The post explaining

Watch Our GI Game Club Discussion For Monster Hunter: World

Update: With the latest episode of The GI Show, we kicked off our GI Game Club discussion on Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World. Six of us dove in deep on the gameplay, UI, and low rank hunts in the game. We hope

Speedrunner 'Beats' Super Mario World Within A Minute

Not even warp pipes can help players beat Super Mario World in under a minute, a feat one speedrunner has now completed. Speedrunner SethBling on Tuesday “finished” the classic SNES title in 54 seconds, 56 milliseconds using a method known

Answering God Of War's Lingering Questions

All month long we’ve been rolling out features on God of War for the PlayStation 4, and we went in-depth on our time playing the game in the magazine’s cover story. To close things out for the month, we opened

Dialga And Palkia Lead Year Of Legendary Pokémon With Generation 7 Giveaway

The Pokémon Company has declared 2018 the year of legendary Pokémon and is giving away the mythical Pokémon every month, starting with Dialga and Palkia in February. From now until February 28, Pokémon fans can go into Gamestop and snag codes for the two legendaries. Dialga and Palkia

Breath Of The Wild Player Maps Entire Journey Onto Poster

As if playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t already an unforgettable experience, a Reddit user has forever captured their entire journey by printing it onto a poster. Using Hero’s Path, a feature in BOTW’s The Master

Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Delayed, Demo Coming This Month

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been pushed back from March 20 to the middle of April, giving the studio “more time to line things up at launch.” A demo for the game will be available on February 27