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Nicolas Cage Stars In Oculus VR Humanity Bureau Video Series

In a move that’s surprising as it is unnecessary, Nicolas Cage is starring in a seven-episode VR video series set in the world of the upcoming The Humanity Bureau. For those not in the know, The Humanity Bureau is a

Tony Hawk Confirms He Has Parted Ways With Activision

Not that it wasn’t already fairly obvious as a consequence of the last few years of Tony Hawk games, but Activision and the professional skater no longer have anything to do with each other on a personal level, Hawk confirmed

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review – A Noble Quest In Need Of Divine Intervention

Despite offering an endless tapestry of intriguing tales to draw from, the events of history remain criminally ignored by video games. Sure, exotic locations like ancient Egypt and decades-old wars occasionally serve as flashy backdrops for modern action, but too

From Pixel To Pen: 13 Great Comics Based On Video Games

We love getting lost into the mythos of a beloved video game franchise. While feature films and television shows typically falter in adapting stories from our favorite titles, comic books often deliver justice to expanding a video game world’s lore,

New Gameplay Today – H1Z1's Auto Royale

Daybreak’s zombie-filled survival game H1Z1 is out of early access, and it’s launched with a surprise. Auto Royale mode is a motorized take on the popular genre. But is it any good? Join Leo, Reiner, and me as we try

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli Stepping Down, Replaced By Fellow Co-Founders

Cevat Yerli, co-founder of Crysis, FarCry, and The Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek, has stepped down as CEO of the company, staying on as a “Strategic Shareholder” at the company. His two co-founding brothers, Avni and Faruk Yerli, will replace him

[Update] Nintendo Issues Statement On User Review System Takedown

Update 2 2/28/14: Nintendo has provided an additional statement to Game Informer. While this statement is similar to the one on the website, this one states the program’s initial release was more of a trial run than a full release. “

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse DLC Review

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse should be thought of mostly as a map pack, with two especially strong and great-looking ground battles leading the charge back into the fray. The pair of simple air battles, on the other hand, aren’t much more

RBI Baseball 18 Debut Trailer Shows Nothing

A quick scan of Xbox One’s digital store revealed a product listing for RBI Baseball 18, scheduled to release on March 19. After giving the last installment in this annualized series a 2 out of 10 review rating, I was

The Virtual Life – Into The Breach And The Sanctity Of Life

The artillery is a smouldering heap, devastated by giant kaiju’s claw swipe. The pilot inside, a good soldier, is gone. But the loss wasn’t for nothing. I watch as the round timer at the top of the screen hits zero,