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Monster Hunter Community Creates Adoption Program For New Players

Monster Hunter can be difficult to wrap your head around and, while you don’t necessarily need a guide, most players agree that having a Monster Hunter teacher makes for a better experience. As such, the Monster Hunter community has created

[Update] Shoryuken Forums Switching Hosts, Will Live On At The End Of January

Update 1/11/18: After an outpouring of fan reaction, Shoryuken co-founder Tom Cannon has announced the forums will migrate its services to forum platform Discourse instead of shutting down. The switch to Discourse will not only reduce the costs of maintaining the

Crawl Review – Teach Your Friends To Kill Each Other

Crawl is a multiplayer experience that feels entirely new thanks to its ambiguous genre designation. It plays like a brawler, but rewards like a fighting game, and constantly forces you to change your playstyle. The arcade multiplayer experience borrows its

Tiny Metal Review – The Cutest Cogs Of War

Tiny Metal’s simplified strategy and delightful tone scratch an itch that has been festering since Nintendo’s Advance Wars series reached a ceasefire in 2008.  Battalions of adorable tanks and warplanes engage in a series of turn-based encounters that seem like

Fox Shakes Up Dates For Superhero Movies, Moving Up Deadpool 2

Fox is changing up dates for Deadpool 2, Gambit, and The New Mutants, moving Deadpool 2 up in the process to May 19, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The new date moves the Deadpool sequel just ahead of Disney and

Xbox One Version Of PUBG Reaches Three Million Players

Despite a rocky launch on Xbox’s Game Preview program, PUBG’s phenomenon status has carried over to the console, where it has surpassed over three million players. The popularity of the game puts even more of an onus on developer PUBG

Space Invaders Extreme, Groove Coaster Heading To Steam

Taito has finally made the Steam-related announcement it was previously teasing: Space Invaders Extreme is coming to Steam next month, and Groove Coaster will soon follow. Space Invaders Extreme, which hits Steam in February, is a Pac-Man Championship Edition-style remake

First Trailer For Netflix's Altered Carbon Series Wears Blade Runner Inspirations On Its Sleeve

The first trailer for the Netflix-funded adaptation of Richard Morgan’s 2002 Sci-Fi novel Altered Carbon brings a colorful darkness to the screen. In the future, technology allows for people to upload their consciousness and download it into new bodies, similar

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Headed To PC Next Month

Final Fantasy XII last year received a fantastic remaster in The Zodiac Age, but it was only available to console users. That changes next month, when the game launches on PC. The PC version features all of the enhancements from

Splatoon 2 Opens Doors Of Shellendorf Museum Map Tomorrow

The third of the four Splatoon 2 maps Nintendo teased last November is releasing tomorrow. The museum-themed map, Shellendorf Institute, has two levels with a glass ceiling/floor in the middle to get the drop on other players. Also, there appears