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New Overwatch Patch Allows Players To Watch Overwatch League And Introduces New League Currency

Blizzard is obviously very eager to talk about the Twitch-exclusive Overwatch League, which is the main emphasis of the new Overwatch patch. The main thrust of the new patch is an Overwatch is the introduction of the new league skins,

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Review – Unearthing Fool's Gold

The first season of Minecraft: Story Mode introduced an immediate and daunting conflict between main character Jesse and the Wither Storm – a massive beast that consumes all in its path. Unfortunately, that arc concluded halfway through the first season,

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Will Start Allowing Reporting Cheaters Through Replays

With millions and millions of players, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is also coming to grips with the fact that it has a proportional number of cheaters. Now, PUBG Corp. is allowing players to use the replay feature to report other players. The

Nintendo President Hopes To Announce Mario Movie Partner Soon

Despite not being officially announced, the Mario movie is still on the lips of Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima in an interview with Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun. When asked about movie rumors, Kimishima states that he hopes to come to an

Science-Fiction Weekly – What To Expect From Star Wars: Episode IX

Step aside, George R. R. Martin. Rian Johnson apparently enjoys offing characters more than you do. Johnson’s apparent bloodlust resulted in a surprising number of deaths in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Supreme Leader Snoke didn’t make it to the

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Starts On January 24

Microsoft have announced that the closed beta for Sea of Thieves on January 24, this time allowing players to post screenshots, stream, and talk about the game.  The beta will run its start date 4:00 AM PST on January 24 to

Metal Gear Survive Single-Player Trailer Plays In Zombie Land

Konami has released a new single-player trailer for Metal Gear Survive, the first Metal Gear game since the publisher’s split with Hideo Kojima. In the past, the trailers and footage from the game have emphasized the Survive aspect of the

Twitch Signs Exclusivity Deal With Overwatch League

Tomorrow marks the season opener for Overwatch League, with the San Francisco Shock battling the Los Angeles Valiant. If you’re interested in checking out the inaugural match, you have a couple of options. In addition to viewing the action on

How UFC 3 Is Pushing Its Career Mode Toward Greatness

When UFC 3 was officially revealed back in November, we learned a little bit about its career mode, but the focus was largely on the retooled striking and animations. Now, EA Vancouver has pulled back the curtain to reveal the

Sony Reports Holiday PS4 Sales Of Almost 6 Million

Sony has announced that according to its estimates the PS4 has sold 5.9 million units worldwide during the holiday season (spanning from the end of November to the close of 2017), which is down slightly from the 6.2 million consoles