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Battlerite Review

There’s only one way to win in Battlerite, and that’s by directly taking down the enemy team. Behind the colorful art style is a free-to-play MOBA crafted specifically for intense, ultra-competitive teamfights. Its solid balance, skill-based combat, and ever-growing cast

HTC Announces Higher-Resolution Vive And Wireless Adapter

HTC today announced exciting new changes to the Vive, emphasizing both higher resolution and a wireless adapter. The new headset, named the Vive Pro, boosts the resolution beyond the realm of existing VR headsets. upping the OLED displays to 2880 x

The 2017 Adventure Game Of The Year Awards

This past year introduced a number of adventure games that excelled in storytelling, as well as pushed the boundaries of how narrative and story intertwine. Some, like Thimbleweed Park, gave adventure fans a remarkable homage to a beloved era, while

The 2017 Sports Game Of The Year Awards

We’re approximately halfway through this home console generation, and 2017’s slate of sports video games is a mix of new features, updates to old favorites, and pleasant surprises. So before we turn the page on the year and anticipate what

Here Are 2017's Biggest News Stories From Video Games

With the book closed on 2017, it is hard to deny that it was an incredibly strange year. Not only did global geopolitics get aggressively nuclear, but sentient artificial intelligence both blessed and abandoned us, and alien forces subjugated the

Shoryuken Forums Closing At The End Of January

Shoryuken, long known as the premier website for fighting game discussion, has announced that they will be closing their forums at the end of January due to decreased usage. The website and community are likely best known for the genesis

Showtime Insists Halo TV Show Is Still Happening

Back when Microsoft was first showing off the Xbox One and emphasizing TV as a major vector for audience entertainment, the Washington tech company also announced a Steven Spielberg-developed Halo TV show launching on the Xbox One. After nearly five

The Pitch For Reimagining God Of War

With our new cover story on God of War for the PlayStation 4, we go into details about the journey of Kratos and Atreus. However, with this video interview, we want to focus on the development team at Santa Monica

Here's Why Everyone Is Talking About They Are Billions

They are Billions has been steadily climbing the Steam rankings, so we decided to take a look at what sets this early-access, RTS/tower defense hybrid apart. Ben Reeves and Kyle Hilliard called on the talents of PC editor Dan Tack

Switch Outsells Entire Lifetime Of Wii U In Japan

Over in Japan, gaming magazine Famitsu has reported that the Switch has officially blown past Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii U, in Japanese sales after less than a year on the market. According to Famitsu’s sales tracking, the Switch has