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Steam Reveals The Most Popular PC Specs For December 2017

Steam is a powerhouse in the PC gaming space, reaching a recent milestone of over 18 million concurrent users. Every month, the company surveys its users to find out what operating system, video card, and other PC components they use,

The 2017 Shooter Of The Year Awards

Given that 2016 was a landmark year for shooters with standouts like Doom, Battlefield 1, and Overwatch, 2017 had big combat boots to fill. I think you can argue that the year more than held its own.  Whether you were looking

Valve Backs Out Of $1 Million Dota 2 Tournament Due To Drug Testing Requirement

Galaxy Battles, a tournament that was supposed to a part of Valve’s new approach to tournaments leading up to The International this year, has lost its official Valve backing. “Based on information we’ve recently confirmed regarding new government regulations for

Intel Processor Vulnerability Fix Causing Fortnite Server Issues

Fortnite is having some login and stability issues, and may continue having them over the next week, due to recent design flaw found in many modern processors. Recently, it was discovered that Intel processors made in the several years (we’re

What To Watch This Weekend: AGDQ, Smite, And Street Fighter III

Sub-zero temperatures can’t stop these hot events! Or something. Between the first blizzard of the year and it being the heart of Winter, you should probably just stay inside and watch some of these events, is what I’m saying. Awesome

Replay – Silent Hill 4: The Room

Apartment life isn’t quite what you would expect in Silent Hill. Kitchen’s are filthy, telephones aren’t plugged in, and ominous, giant holes randomly appear in bathroom walls. On this episode of Replay, we dive into Silent Hill 4: The Room’s

Awesome Games Done Quick Starts This Sunday

If you love charity, video games, and things going fast, then Speed Demos Archive has you covered next week from Sunday, January 7 through the following Sunday on January 14. The charity event, which benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation, has