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Finding Paradise, The Second Episode Of To The Moon, Gets A Trailer And Release Date Of December 14

The second episode of To The Moon, the narrative-driven game which first released in 2011 on PC, finally has a release date and a new trailer. Developer Freebird gave the announcement today, finally getting close to the release of the

Best Black Friday Video Game Deals

Game Rant rounds up all of the best Black Friday 2017 video game deals, including big savings and discounts on PS4 and Xbox One console bundles and Nintendo Switch games. Source: GameRant

Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Meals With The Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon

Running behind on preparing ingredients for your traditional thanksgiving dinner, or looking to spice up your plates this year? This handy compendium of macabre meals has you covered. From the horror based cooking site earththedead.com, the Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon has an

Pokemon GO Releases New Update for Android and iOS

Niantic announces a new performance-boosting update for mobile game Pokemon GO, saying versions for both iPhone and Android devices are currently in development. Source: GameRant

Xbox Games with Gold Revealed for December 2017

Telltale’s Back to the Future – 30th Anniversary Edition and Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide are among the free Xbox Games with Gold for December 2017. Source: GameRant

Sonic 3D Blast Gets A Fan Patch From Founder Of Traveler's Tales

The 1996 Genesis release of Sonic 3D Blast, the isometric Sonic game that didn’t really set the world on fire, has gotten a director’s cut patch from the game’s original lead programmer and founder of Traveler’s Tales, the company now

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Review

When VR headsets became a reality, I made a list of games I wanted to experience from that perspective. It was primarily games with fantastic worlds – games like BioShock, Half-Life 2, and, naturally The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Since

GALAX and KFA2 Intros SNPR External Graphics Enclosure with GTX 1060 6GB

GALAX and KFA2 partners with SilverStone Technology to create the SNPR External Graphics Enclosure with a custom GeForce GTX 1060 6G graphics card. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Tencent Brings PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds To China, Promises Changes To Better Reflect Chinese Values

Tecent and PUBG Corp., a corporation spun out of Battlegrounds publisher Bluehole to better control the direction of the game, have announced that Tencent will be exclusively bringing the game to China, and making changes to make the game a

Why You Get Stuck In Games, And What You Can Do About It

This article originally appeared in issue 294 of Game Informer magazine. Anyone who plays video games has at least one “duh” moment to their name. We beat our heads against bosses for half an hour before realizing we’re supposed to