Daily Archives: 11/14/2017

SNK Announces That They Are Profitable Again After Pivoting Back To Video Games

It’s been a rocky few years for SNK, but they were very happy to point out today that they’re finally profitable again. SNK shared their official financial statements in Gazette Magazine today, showing off that the company is doing quite

Starcraft II Is Free-To-Play Now

At Blizzcon a few weeks ago, Blizzard announced that Starcraft II’s Terran campaign, Wings of Liberty, is going free-to-play. Today, they pulled the lever and you can play the game’s first campaign and multiplayer for free. You can access the

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review – A Marvelous Mess

TT Games has released a slew of Lego games over the past dozen or so years, but Lego Marvel Super Heroes was easily my favorite. It had a massive roster of powerful heroes and an equally sizable hub world for

Last Call For Winter 2018 Game Informer Intern Applications

It’s been a banner year for video games, but with the changing seasons comes a new opportunity for aspiring video games journalists. We’re now accepting applications for Game Informer’s Winter 2018 internship. For details on Game Informer’s three-month-long editorial internship

World of Warcraft Removing Traditional Raid Sets In Battle for Azeroth

At BlizzCon 2017, we interviewed World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas about the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion. Of significant note is that the iconic raid set bonuses that have been with WoW for ages will be phased out

Five Cool Games We Played At Days Of The Devs

Day of the Devs is an annual event held by Doublefine where the indie developer tries to help highlight other indie developers. It is, in essence, a Woodstock of indie games, complete with a big stage and drinks. We wanted

VA-11 HALL-A Now Available On PlayStation Vita

The indie cyberpunk virtual bartending sim is available on the PlayStation Vita starting today.  The game is a visual novel-style management game, where you act as a bartender to patrons during work and manage your mood when off work. You

Star Wars Battlefront II Review – The Dark Side Of Gaming

Sirens roar ominously within the mangled remains of a Rebel frigate, warning all to escape. The clanking of hurried footsteps echoes through the halls before being replaced by a series of ghastly screams, loud enough to drown out the alarm.

Doom Switch Review – Rip And Tear To Go

One of the internet’s many running jokes is seeing how many devices people can get to run the original Doom. We’ve seen intrepid coders port the world’s first blockbuster first-person shooter to iPods, printers, and even ATMs. While most any

Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Surprise Releases On Steam

The first Harvest Moon game to officially hit the PC has been abruptly released on Steam today. The game had been announced in March for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC, but has not been seen after its initial E3 showing.