Daily Archives: 10/02/2017

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 Coming In 2018

Krysten Ritter, the actress who plays the main character Jessica Jones in the Netflix drama of the same name, has confirmed on her Twitter that Jessica Jones season 2 will be arriving in 2018. Marvel’s Jessica Jones series premiered in

Unsung Story Announced For Switch, Xbox One, And PlayStation 4

Unsung Story, a drama-ridden tactical SRPG that recently got a new lease on life when it changed developers, has been announced by its new publisher Little Orbit to be releasing on Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The story of

Hob Review – Reclaiming A Beautiful World

Desolation and solitude permeate Hob, the beautiful new top-down, exploration-heavy action title from Torchlight developer Runic Games. In this sprawling adventure, you guide a small, isolated character across a dangerous world to reactivate ancient technology and restore the world to

2017's Star Wars Battlefront II Is Launching Its Multiplayer Beta On October 4, Watch The Trailer Here

The beta for this year’s Star Wars Battlefront II is launching on October 4 for pre-orders, and you can check out the trailer below. The beta starts on Wednesday, opens up on Friday October 6 for everyone, and then ends

The Sports Desk – NBA 2K18's VC Problem, Racing Lines & Realism

We’re currently spoilt for choice, with many of the year’s titles out, so this week I have a grab bag of random thoughts around a variety of games and topics. The NBA 2K18 VC situation is a mess in multiple

Answering Middle-earth: Shadow Of War's Lingering Questions

We’ve reached the end of our month of coverage on Middle-earth: Shadow of War from Monolith Productions. To close things off, we’ve pulled dozens and dozens of questions from the community and in this podcast volley them toward VP of

2005's Star Wars Battlefront II Is Relaunching Its Multiplayer Today

Disney and GOG have teamed up to get Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer running again, releasing today on both the GOG and Steam versions. The original Star Wars Battlefront II, released in 2005 by Pandemic on PS2, Xbox, PSP, and

Some Welcome Changes Coming To PlayStation VR Hardware

Sony announced today that several changes are coming to PlayStation VR hardware which makes the headset a more attractive prospect with a couple of convenient new changes. The new PlayStation VR features a different Processor Unit, the little box that

Cuphead Review

You know how a joke can start funny, get annoying, then become funny again through sheer attrition? That’s Cuphead’s approach to enjoyment. With a beautiful, caustic, near-unceasing stream of boss battles, Studio MDHR’s debut made me scream with joy and

Stardew Valley Releases On Switch This Week

Stardew Valley, a low-key farming/life simulator, has been a success on multiple platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now Switch owners have a firm release date of October 5, and the game will probably excel there, too. The good