Daily Archives: 10/01/2017

Did You Know Gaming Unearths Tomb Raider Trivia

With a successful rebooted game (and film) franchise currently in players’ minds, Tomb Raider has seen a return to form in recent years. This week, Youtube channel Did You Know Gaming digs deep into Lara Croft’s past to find a

At Least The Cuphead Vinyl Figures Are Easy To Buy

Cuphead is very hard. It requires the kind of perfectionist tendencies that players required so often in 8 and 16-bit eras, which makes it hard to always appreciate the game’s lavish art style without simultaneously cursing it. Luckily, you won’t

Former Sega Of America President Thomas Kalinske Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Thomas Kalinske, who lead Sega during the Genesis heyday of the early-to-mid 90s, has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke. The news was first revealed on a recent official Sega Twitch channel, and Kalinske later confirmed the news through his

Half-Life 2 Holds A Few Secrets Where Its Cameras Aren't Looking

Although we may never get to see the real Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3, we can continue scouring the games we do have for more details. That’s exactly what Youtuber Shesez has done in the latest episode of his

Captain Falcon Was Almost The SNES Mascot

Those of us fortunate enough to snag an SNES classic this Friday may have skipped over F-Zero in favor of more revered classics like Super Mario World, A Link To The Past, and Earthbound. But Perhaps F-Zero should have been

The One Change Every Cuphead Player Should Make

We name the one change every Cuphead player should make to make the extremely challenging platformer easier, as well as other ways to lessen the game’s difficulty. Source: GameRant

Will Destiny 2 Unlock Its First Secret Quest This Week?

October 7th is right around the corner, and many Destiny 2 players expect that Bungie will activate the game’s first secret quest and send them hunting a new exotic. Source: GameRant