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Several Xbox 360 Titles Run Better On Xbox One X

We confirmed Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility launch list with the original Xbox earlier, but within that blog post, Microsoft also confirmed that a few Xbox 360 titles will be getting enhancements on the Xbox One X. The four titles are

SNES-Themed New 3DS Stealthily Appears On Amazon, With Super Mario Kart

A Super Nintendo-themed New 3DS XL suddenly appeared on Amazon this morning, with Amazon confirming its existence just after. The new 3DS, which is a New 3DS, but not a new kind of 3DS, bears the design elements of the

Destiny 2 – The Season One Report Card

Destiny 2 released in early September, and its player community has spent countless hours in the weeks since then plumbing its solo, cooperative, and competitive challenges. With the PC version about to release, I wanted to take an in-depth look

Destiny 2 Stands Atop September Game Sales, But NBA, Rabbids, And Marvel Hang On Close

The NPD has released the sales for September 2017, slightly delayed from last Thursday due to issues with their calculations. Last month, Madden had control of the whole field while Grand Theft Auto V continued its insane sales streak. This

Night In The Woods Announced For Mobile Platforms

Did you play Night in the Woods, this year’s seminal adventure game about growing up, dealing with your own past as well as the past of others, and coming to grips with adulthood? If you haven’t because you are too

Fire Emblem Warriors Review – Enjoyable Mindless Thrills

Since Fire Emblem: Awakening became a hit in 2012, this franchise has undergone a radical transformation in popularity, with a barrage of Fire Emblem sequels, tie-ins, and spin-offs. The latest offshoot infuses the strategy series with a Dynasty Warriors flavor,

Bethesda Drops Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus PC Specs Ahead Of Launch

Come Friday, B.J. Blazkowicz continues his crusade against all things Wehrmacht in the bloody, Nazi-slaying ballet Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. For those of you who can’t wait to aim your WWII era weapons at the fascist/racist/sexist/weightist/whatever other “ist” you can

The Sports Desk – Mixing Sports Video Games & Politics

Sports and politics are uneasy bedfellows these days, with fans arguing whether or not players should or should not express their political views. Should this be reflected in sports video games? Video games are as pure fantasy as they come.

Lego Dimensions Comes To An Early End After Two Years

The toys-to-life genre has seen a serious fall from grace over the past couple of years. Disney Infinity was canceled in 2016. Skylanders is on hiatus, with a licensed mobile game due in 2018. And now Lego Dimensions, TT Games’

Exclusive Interview On Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Story Mode

With our new cover story on Dragon Ball FighterZ, we’ve shown a lot of new gameplay and looked deep into the game’s combat, but much of the story still remains a mystery. We spoke with the game’s director, Junya Motomura,