Daily Archives: 09/17/2017

Youtuber Builds Replica Of Destiny 2's Exotic Sunshot Handcannon Out Of Legos

Destiny 2’s Sunshot is powerful exotic hand cannon which causes the enemies it kills to explode, making it perfect for cooperative tests like the Nightfall strike or the Leviathan Raid. It also looks super-cool, with all the gold plating and

Modders Have Found The NES Game Golf Inside The Switch Firmware

The Switch’s console interface is among our favorites in recent memory. It’s snappy and sounds nice. Also, it might have an emulated copy of the NES game Golf inside of it, which is nice. Wait, what? Back in July, modders

Battleborn Will Receive Its Final Update This Fall

Battleborn may not have been nearly as popular as its shooter/MOBA competiton, but it’s been receiving regular content updates and changes. Back in June, it added a substantive free trial to get new players on board, as well as a

See How A Link Between Worlds' Dungeons Broke New Ground In This Video

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is one of the best games in the series. Its dungeons have an interesting conceit in that you can tackle them in any order, which gives them (and the game as a