Daily Archives: 09/13/2017

First Team Finishes Destiny 2's First Raid

Bungie has announced that a team has already finished Destiny 2’s first Raid hours after its launch, far faster than most fans expected. On its official twitter, Bungie revealed that the first Fireteam has made it through Leviathan and Shaxx

We're Giving Away Nine American Assassin Posters, Signed By The Stars Including Michael Keaton

American Assassin, the upcoming action thriller about counter-terrorism activities, is hitting theaters in just a few short days. Ahead of the movie’s release, we’re giving away nine signed posters for the movie to nine lucky commenters to this news post.

Super Mario Odyssey Edition Switch Coming In October

If the Nintendo Switch continues to be red-hot at retail, odds are it will be hard to find this holiday. If Super Mario Odyssey lives up to Mario’s legacy of great 3D titles, the physical version of the game may

Super Mario Odyssey's New Kingdoms And Details

Today’s Nintendo Direct showcased Super Mario Odyssey as one of the four big games the show focused on. It is not hard to see why, as the tentpole Winter release for the Switch looks more and more amazing with every

Nintendo Unveils New 2DS XL Models, Including A Pokéball Version

During today’s lengthy Nintendo Direct video presentation, the focus shifted away from games for a few seconds to introduce new hardware. Among those items are two new versions of the Nintendo 2DS XL. People who want to play the forthcoming

Mario Party Top 100 Brings Series' Best Minigames To 3DS

Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed Mario Party Top 100 coming to the 3DS. This game bundles together the best minigames from all of the Mario Party home console titles.  You can play these minigames with up to four friends, by using

Project Octopath Traveler Details From Nintendo Direct, Demo Today

The new game from Square-Enix’s Bravely Default team was revealed in a cryptic and confusing teaser during Nintendo’s Switch reveal in January, but got a much longer explanation in today’s Nintendo Direct. The graphic style, made up of a mixture

Nintendo Launching Arcade Archives On Switch

Nintendo didn’t reveal any Virtual Console on Switch news during its latest Direct, but the company did highlight a way that Switch players will be able to access a variety of retro games. It’s launching a new line of downloads

Breath Of The Wild Champion Amiibo Detailed

The brief mention of the Champion’s Ballad DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in today’s Nintendo Direct was not a detailing of the DLC itself, but rather the use of the Champion Amiibo within the game.

Skyrim Switch Dated, Two Other Bethesda Titles Coming Soon

For weeks, we’ve heard teases of an unknown Bethesda game coming to Switch before the end of the year. Today’s Nintendo Direct video presentation finally revealed the game. A port of the popular 2016 revitalization of Doom is coming to