Daily Archives: 09/12/2017

Is Fortnite's Battle Royale Mode More Than A PUBG Rip-off?

This morning, Epic Games’ Fortnite got a new Battle Royale mode that borrows heavily from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and other games of its genre. I was immediately curious to try it out, because as a huge fan of PUBG, a 100-player

NHL 18 Review – Digging Deep To Earn Its Keep

Speed and skill are a given in the modern NHL, but those traits alone don’t anoint Stanley Cup champions. Beating the best in the world takes more than tape-to-tape passes and wicked slappers. The little things like short shifts, back

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Review – A Tactical Change

I was very happy with Pro Evolution Soccer 2017’s gameplay because of the way it felt and the things it allowed me to do in the game, so I was surprised when developer Konami announced that it was changing things

Science-Fiction Weekly – Destiny 2, Echo, Star Wars, Star Trek

In Ultra Ultra’s upcoming science-fiction game, Echo, you are not just the protagonist – you also play the role every enemy. How is this possible? Describing that exactly will be difficult, as the answer unfolds in several ways. The easiest

Tooth And Tail Is An Indie RTS With A Great Sense Of Style

Tooth and Tail is the newest game from the creator of the indie heist hit Monaco. This unique take on RTS allows players to lead a revolution with an army of flamethrowing Boars, mustard gas-lobbing Skunks, and paratrooper-puking Owls. Dan

iPhone 8 And iPhone X Revealed By Apple For 2017

Today, Apple has revealed two new iPhones to release this year at different times. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (read as the number ten) will be available September 22 and November 3, respectively. The iPhone 8, which comes

Destiny 2 Early Impressions – The One Destiny To Rule Them All?

Well, gang, the first major AAA title of the fall season is finally here, and it’s none other than Destiny 2. The first game launched to a tremendous level of hype, part of which likely helped undermine it. Sure, the

White Supremacist Logo Snuck Into Destiny 2 Is Being Removed

The Road Complex AA1 gauntlets, a legendary item in Destiny 2, was discovered to bear a slightly tweaked logo that bears a non-coincidental resemblance to a white supremacist logo. Bungie has been made aware of the issue and is moving

New Game, Sky, From Thatgamecompany Announced For Apple TV, iPad, & iPhone

At Apple’s major 2017 public conference, the house that Steve Jobs built brought out Jenova Chen, creator of games like Flower and Journey, to show off his new game titled Sky. The game is a multiplayer title that bears more

Destiny 2's First Raid Has A Surprisingly Reasonable Power Range

It seems exceedingly unlikely that Destiny 2 players are reading this because they’re playing Destiny 2, but in the off-chance some are, director Luke Smith has confirmed that the first Raid will have a Power range of 260-280. The initial