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PAX'S Co-Founder On The Game Industry's Best And Worst

At PAX West 2017, I talked with Penny Arcade legend and PAX co-founder Jerry Holkins aka Tycho Brahe about his favorite games, the phenomenon of PAX, his favorite developers, and the gaming landscape of the last decade. Chatting with Holkins was

This Japanese TV Ad For Destiny 2 Is For Sure The Best One

Destiny 2 is a dire about serious consequences for humanity and the fate of light and dark, with a few jokes thrown in here and there. But that’s not the game this Japanese ad for the game sells. Instead, the

A Video Tour Of Destiny 2's More Robust Endgame

One of the biggest issues with Destiny 2 at launch was the lack of a meaningful endgame. After beating the main story line in the games original incarnation, players were doomed to grind the same limited number of Strikes over

Opinion – Tacoma Takes Interactive Storytelling In A Promising Direction

Because of their interactive nature, video games open up unique possibilities for storytelling. The player directly impacts the action, which introduces an enthralling kind of agency. Tacoma, an adventure game from the makers of Gone Home, takes this ideology a

What You Need To Know About Destiny 2's Microtransactions

You won’t be able to access Destiny 2’s Eververse Trading Co. storefront until you reach level 20, but once you do, you might be tempted to expand your wardrobe and augment your weapons rack by purchasing bright engrams using real

RPG Grind Time – SNES Classics I'd Love To See Remade

It’s no secret that the 16-bit era was influential in shaping me as an RPG fan, especially games on the SNES. Secret of Mana ranks highly on my Best-RPGs-of-All-Time list. It was one of the first games that affected me

PSA: You Can Read Overwatch's 'Wasted Land' Comic Now

Earlier this week we offered up a glimpse of the latest Overwatch comic, titled ‘Wasted Land.’ The comic follows Roadhog, Junkrat, and a few other characters as they deal with with some unfinished business in Junkertown, Ovewatch’s newest map. The

Exclusive Gameplay Of A Nazgul Boss Fight In Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

With our new October cover story on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, we’re offering a broad overlook at the upcoming game from Monolith Productions and an exclusive deep dive into several new aspects. One of the new, exciting things we’ll be

Take A Look At Billie's Arsenal In Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a standalone expansion to Dishonored 2, which means it can make some big changes. Chief among them is the introduction of Billie Lurk as a playable character, which means players will have a whole

Resident Evil Revelations 1 And 2 Heading To Switch In November

The Revelations subseires of Resident Evil isn’t has highly-revered as the core series, but it has its moments. Capcom seems confident in the series, as it continues to remaster and release the games across multiple platforms (earlier this year saw