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A Sneak Peek At Overwatch's Upcoming 'Wasted Land' Comic

Overwatch has been keen on building its lore not through the game itself, but through auxiliary media, such as animated shorts and comics. The latest comic issue, “Wasted Land,” is written by Robert Brooks and features art by Miki Montlló. The issue

Introducing You To the Next Generation Of Monsters Coming To Pokémon Go

We’re still waiting for Mewtwo to show his face in Pokémon Go (and for the game to stop crashing), but developer Niantic continues to work on its popular, augmented reality monster hunter. A recent patch improved the game’s raid system

Metroid: Samus Returns Is A Remake That Feels Original

Metroid II: Return of Samus is considered the black sheep of the Metroid franchise. First released on the Game Boy in August of 1991, this little handheld’s cartridges held six-times less memory than its NES predecessor, which meant Nintendo needed

Madden 18's Longshot Made Me Care About Football

I never really understood much about football growing up. I played soccer with my cousins and at school, had a basketball hoop in the driveway of my house for a few years, and was cajoled into playing for a little

The Sports Desk – Setting The Stage For Alex Hunter's Return In FIFA 18

New information has come out for FIFA 18’s The Journey II: Hunter Returns and career mode that deserves mulling over, from playable cameos to negotiation cutscenes. Let’s take a look at what we expect from the modes and where they

Should Diablo Fans Bother With Path Of Exile On Xbox One?

I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit playing the PS4 version of Diablo III. It’s been one of my go-to games since it was first released, and it’s one of my favorite things to play while I catch

Opinion – The Confusing And Frustrating Landscape Of Early Access

I don’t want this opinion to come across like an old man waving a stern finger at something he doesn’t fully understand, but frankly, that’s exactly what it is. Although I’m not THAT old yet, I’ve been around long enough

Your Labor Day History Lesson

This article was originally published on Labor Day in 2010. I can’t remember what possessed me to write an abbreviated history of the national holiday’s origin, other than a few (and highly tenuous) comparisons to BioShock. So go ahead and

The 15 Wackiest Video Game Crossovers

This week saw the release of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and despite an understandable amount of skepticism about merging two very different franchises, the game’s pretty great! Jeff Marchiafava reviewed it for us, scoring it an 8.5 and saying “I

Reader Discussion – Which September Release Are You Most Looking Forward To?

We’ve just started September and we’re already just days from some of the biggest releases, like Destiny 2. The month is packed with tons of games. Sports fans can take delight in the sport of their choice, with Pro Evolution