Daily Archives: 08/10/2017

Jack Box Party Packs 1 & 2 Packs Releasing On Switch August 17

Jackbox launched on Nintendo Switch in April with Party Pack 3, but Jackbox Games is now reaching back to bring the games from Party Packs 1 and 2 later this month. Party Pack 1 includes the classic You Don’t Know

Blizzard Announces Deathmatch For Overwatch

Finally, all of us that go hoarse from screaming at people for not going pushing the objective can start suggesting those people play Deathmatch instead. Announced today, Overwatch’s Death Match comes in two modes, Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. Team Deathmatch

LawBreakers Review-in-Progress

There’s an art to riding that terrifying line between falling and flying, but the falling is inevitable. LawBreakers’ gun duels play out like thrilling high wire dances: You try to stay afloat and in control long enough to win each

Twitch Announces New Desktop App

Twitch has revealed a desktop app, appropriately called the Twitch Desktop App, that allows Twitch users to watch Twitch streams, mod in overlays, and more. Perhaps most crucially, the app also allows chat in both text and video varieties, posing

Etrian Odyssey V For 3DS Coming To America On October 17

Atlus confirmed today on Twitter that Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth, the fifth in their handheld dungeon-mapping series, will be releasing in America on October 17. A European date by Deep Silver has not yet been confirmed. Atlus still

StarCraft II Becomes A New Frontier For AI Research

DeepMind is a group of scientists and engineers who have made great strides in the realm of Artificial Intelligence research by creating programs that use games as a training ground. One of their programs learned how to play and win

AbleGamers Charity Seeking To Start Panel To Better Support Accessibility

AbleGamers, a charity focused on making sure everyone can play video games, is seeking to create a panel of gamers with disabilities to help publishers find ways to make games more accessible.  Qualifying gamers can sign up on the AbleGamers

James Harden Locks Down NBA Live 18 Cover

The Houston Rockets’ lights out shooter James Harden is one of the most dangerous weapons on the hardcourt. Since joining the team from Oklahoma City in 2012, he has made five straight all-star games along with being named to the

Here's How Game Freak Designs Pokémon Creatures

Between all the different Pokémon games that have released over the last 20 years, taking into account Mega Evolutions and new wrinkles like the Alola forms in Sun and Moon, there are 802 Pokémon. The creatures vary in design to

Madden 18 Outlines Connected Franchise Changes

Madden developer EA Tiburon just announced details regarding what’s new for its Connected Franchise Mode (CFM). While there aren’t any big splashy sea-change features, a bunch of tweaks are being instituted to tune the game in various areas. Here’s an